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This could work if you could instead of publishing pieces one by one, publish a folder at once (and having ability to folder folders).

Or spam story submissions since you can put pictures into them, such as uploaded but unlisted drawings.

I'd really like to have the ability to opt-out from receiving notifications for favorites, since they're anonymous and kinda spam the inbox from important messages. Colourcode or iconcoding others would be very handy tho c:

That could work, at least ease the load a bit! Although I'd really just like to opt-out from recieving notifications for favorites, then I could just focus on the important notifications.

I've actually been thinking about this, along with the collections feature and what Varka said before makes sense:
"One solution might be to simply have both participants upload their image to their respective accounts, and link to one another's submission"

If you mean by linking them in means that they'll get the same faves & promotes and stuff (a sort of merger, but if the other one deletes their submission all the comments/promotes stay on the remaining submission). So they're actually two different submission but content they recieve is directed on all versions, this way they could have different description or even title, only thing they should have in common is mention of the role each poster has with the submission:

Probably the thing people are more concerned of is that you should be able to indicate whenever you are the artist, commissioner or character owner in the piece you post. And of course, one submission could have multiple artists, commissioenrs and character owners. This it needs to clearly visible. And if you aren't the artist, a field for who the artists is should always need to be entered, whenver they're in FN or outside (enter either their FN name or link to their website - this could help notifying for a merger if a piece with same name on same artist exists). The reason artists needs to be mentioned is because they are usually the copyright holder and/or contract demands mention.

As for copyright holder, what Crassus talked about in their thread. It could default to the artist(s) since that's how it's commonly with furry commissions. There are minor cases where it's not the case, which could easily be separately told in the description since it's rare. Or copyright could be its own field in a submission, as "copyright holder(s) + licence". But that might feel too complex for most average people? If it was it's own field it'd need explanation since most people don't know about copyright and especially about licences (or maybe licence could have a list of: all rights reserved and the different creative commons licences to choose from).

The one I posted is a errr post(? the thing you create by typing on 'whats on your mind' thing). They're both confusion since they seem to lack a submission name and when someone comments on them it doesn't say who the original poster is (and often doesn't display what the commenters comment was either).

When I make a post it looks like this to people who follow me:
This message is still sensible, although it lacks indication to what type of post this is, just sais 'posted'.

Now if we look at the notification for Jade's watchers of her comment that displays on the upper post, it looks like:

It actually lacks Jade's comment from the notification entirely, because there's so many other new comments on the chain already. If you only look at this notification you'll be completely confused who posted what.

  1. Give "whats on your mind" posts a name/category thing (what are they? posts, journals, thoughts?)
  2. Make commented on posts on these more similar to other commented on posts (display original authors name, indicate commented on with that little transparent box maybe, somehow).
  3. Display the comment which the 'commented on' post notifies about.

I just noticed that comments to story submissions is almost equally strange, they don't display anywhere that it's a story that was commented on :s

Actually, maybe I'm using blacklists a tad wrong, since I also blacklist common things I dislike (but they don't freak me out, like humans, ponies... because I don't want them to come up in the popular/fresh search, but I wouldn't mind seeing the content if it was someone I watch), maybe we could benefit from a dislike section that's profile specific instead :o

Topics with the same discussion already:

There is also a mistake in your post, the licensee is not always the commissioner, this is decided in the contract (or reads in artists tos when you commission them) - furry commissions are commonly owned by the artists and not the commissioner. But from furry perspective it'd be nice to mark who supported the piece to be created (commissioner) and those who's characters appear in the piece, eventhough generic characters cannot be copyrighted/owned - but it's nice to imagine so when we have a community who supports the thought.

The feature isn't done yet, only testers can turn it on atm ^^;

I'm pretty sure the popular page will display more fresh material as more activity happens on the site in general, you can easily scroll quickly to works with only 1-2 promotes atm. But a few different filters to choose from in the future wouldn't be bad either, such as 'popular of the week' and 'all time popular' would be nice. If I was a new member I'd love the ability to look at all-time-popular aswell, since you can find old gems from there. But as a very active member a more frequent change of display would be nice too.

Fresh tab will also get improved: