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Currently getting this in all submissions I'm trying to view, started happening when I was suddenly logged out of FN and came back not. Approx after 15:50 today. I've never had this issue before this.

This appears to be fixed now!

Promotes also need to desparately go back to whats new feed, thats how I found so many new artists on the site and helped a lot of my talented friends to get visiblity. It was the feature that made me originally love the whole site and now its gone D:

I'm with you. The thing I loved about FurryNetwork when I came here was that promotes went into the whats new feed, where everyone would see what you promoted as well as what you published yourself - they also showed a preview on the activity feed to make sure the promotion was kept visible.

It was really dissapointing to see them take these wonderful features away that really made this site special at first.

I think posts should be in whats new page, not among the stuff where it tells you someone commented on something or watched someone. Same with promotes, they no longer do anything because nobody sees what you promoted.

Over the years I've noticed that favorites do not go in hand with people enjoying the work. People favorite things because they have a subject or a species they like, not because they enjoyed the skill and effort put in - most the time. This is why I really love the promotion system in FN, if someone really enjoys your work and thinks you did well they'll promote it because it's the public favorite/shout out 'you did well'. It nicely strips off the 'favorites' that people did just because the picture included their favorite cartoon character that they're collecting into their favorites folder.

When I read the post I also instantly thought 'what about professional photography vs. snapshots'. For this I think FN could simply benefit from a scraps folder that only followers get notified about (optionally) so they don't need to go on the big categories, and that would be the place to post snapshots, funny things and rushed wip screenshots.

Of course also the craft category, I think that's a really important one since our fandom makes a lot of crafts (such as builds fursuits and plushies).

What I think is that favorites should become properly private collections, no notifications need to be broadcasted to artists because it literally serves no good to know that SOMEONE favorited something - that notification is the painfull spam that you need to skip through to find meaningful notifications. Ultimately it's good that favorites are private (or maybe they can be renamed to private collections to clear up what it means).

In the meanwhile I think promotions should also gather into a folder that's publicly available, so that people can see all the things you've promoted - because that's why you promote. Promotes should also show on the whats new feed like they did before, there's no point promoting anything anymore since followers aren't notified about it in any way.

This is definately looking good! I enjoy the modular idea, aslong as its kept simple like it seems to be in the suggestion. I agree with what Twigs said tho, show less icons for followers/following since too many makes it look very cluttered.