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This is my issue as well, I love how the other pages on FN take use of width to display lots of items (artwork, photo, multimedia view) but the whats new page is just ugh. It's not so bad yet since there isn't so much activity but in the future it's gonna be a headache with lets say 50 notifications per day.

The patreon style feed atleast makes use of more horizontal space than the current one (the items could very well be even wider!) I wanted to make at least two possible better suggestions so it kicks up some discussion c:

A different suggestion. Feed page but alike patreon's where two rows of new items are listed, items would have varying leght, giving possibility to feature all art pieces at their natural aspect ratio but only resized smaller, or display longer comment threads.

  1. Two blocks of post-notifications
  2. Give links to grid view latest artwork/other categories from people you follow here? (pages that already exist)
  3. This also like a sidebanner? To go with the rest of the site's theme. Could also work alike the current layout tho.
  4. Small icons to describe notification type, same as the icons on top.
  5. Lenght of posts depends on content!

Additionally, the most coolest thing would be to have several different types of what's new pages to suit the needs of oldschool and trendheaded people! Which you could maybe switch around in settings?

I think this would be a great feature with actual groups.

Have a drawing at unlisted > submit it to a group > it becomes visible for group members.

But friends feature, I always found them somewhat overwhelming. Lots of strange people will send me friend invites and then some get angry if I decline because they see the word 'friends' differently. Or sometimes I'm not sure if I should add someone to 'friends', it's kinda awkward? So I tend to neglect the feature entirely everywhere it is :s

It sounds good if it's done right: Needs a good balanced mod team to make it work.

Sofurry has a feature like this too. Over there it always somewhat bothered me that they seem to center on promoting mostly porn and there's clearly a higher quality limit for general content / other themes, it also displays preference over some styles vs other. In other words: the picks seem to have a specific taste.

Additionally, if these never get implemented. I can see people using story submissions for needed journal-like posts. And then stories will get less visibility.

This was discussed in the post called 'having a collections feature' actually. I'd still love a feature like this, ability to post pics relevant to you into another section where you could tag the actual artist.

Commissioners would benefit from a feature like this too. These could still display in their correct categories when you look at site's fresh artwork or popular etc. But separately in their own tab at user's end.

In general I think it's annoying and confusing when people have to post things they've bought to artwork section where it automatically first implies they're the artist and have to look at description before being sure.

I think posts should stay as is but we need actual journals, similar to stroy submissions. Which stay on a category at your page and don't just dissapear over time.

That would be awesome! Back in 2009 finnish furs had a page like this that displayed stats by species, I miss it x3

You can look up new submissions like that, at least (go to artwork/photo/story/multimedia tab and click on my collections > following)

I'd sure love a more compact what's new page in general tho. The facebook feed style is disliked by many (even with deletion options).

Button for detailed search somewhere? Where you could also search by what's in title or description. And arrange search results either by popular, date, alphabet, maybe even most relevant for search somehow?