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Streaming takes a lot of resources from the server - so if this became a thing FN would need to put quite some money to a server that could do it.

Perhaps make a deal with and embed their players, their style actually goes nicely together with FN. Or let users generally embed their players from their preferred stream site. Such as I use my own player and irc chat.

Stream notifications would be nice tho :D

(although they kinda work nicely via regular posts here, but stuff like adding a screenshot of what your working on would be a cool addition)

Now that you highlight that out, it makes more sense. Or even link submission together.

Although on the other hand, I wouldn't personally upload any commissioned work to my profile if they went to the same place my own works did (that's just confusing! and feels too weird). But that would defo work for profiles that represent one character only or otherwise revolve around just characters and foldering them.

Coolies! I can totally give some suggestions of what to include, but unfortunately I'm not a natural writer.

Having people link submissions is cool but it's ultimately the same issue that weasyl has: Someone is going to commission an artist outside FN and then they'll have to awkwardly upload it as reqular artwork anyway and what if the artist is just lazy to upload it here oh god need to show this cool thing right now while I'm still awake!

Perhaps just having a separate tab for commissioned artwork? Where you can make own collections for specific characters or themes. Upload should require user to give a link to artists page and write their nickname there.

Could easily do the shared feature with these too tho, but I don't think it should be nessecary.

But... then I don't see any mature/adult art, that's a bigger cut off than just blocking one or two tags.

Old Nabyn used to have a thing in character profiles (these were separate profiles under the main account, not like in FN). Where you could add your own pieces to the characters gallery, link existing pieces from other users galleries and upload works that you had commissioned outside nabyn community (they required credit to the artist). I think a concept like that could be further improved. Such as add custom section to your profile where it links to artwork, stories, multimedia etc.

I don't like weasyl's collections since they require the piece to be submitted by the artists first AND also approved by them (what if they're lazy??), what if the artist doesnt upload it to the specific site OR they don't even want to upload it to their gallery in the first place (some artists only upload their fav commissions).

That sounds really useful too - perhaps also clicking them would mark them as read. I don't think hover is something that would work on a mobile platform (eventhough I never use phone for webstuff), and two sec is a pretty long time for impatient people like me x3

Scope is a pretty cool word but will sure cause some confusion. You kinda get what it means if you're familiar with how commissioning works already and you look at the feature. So I think people could really get used to it too.

Quote and Request are the common words I've heard used within the fandom for pre-commissioning. Request is the cusomers explanation of what they'd like and quote is when artists gives a price for the request, more precisely.

Sometimes requests get confused for free art.

I think you could keep scope as the word, it'd go great especially if you'd have commissioners and artist first read through a short 'how to guide' before they can commission or set up commissions page. With general etiquette and simple explanation of how things work out. < I think I'll actually make a suggestion for this separately, I'll name it "Etiquette guide before selling/buying commissions"

Tipjar sounds like a great idea!

But I'm not so sure about having paysite features since they're viewed as a pretty negative thing, I can see people avoiding FN just because a feature like that exists. Example: Alot of peeps seem to completely hate and avoid patreon even if the artist is in question isn't using it to paywall anything :s

( I know it's ultimately the issue of the specific people who have stupid opinions, but it's always less users and less potential customers for artists. And the whole paysite/paywall thing has been a source of drama in the fandom lately )