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Thumbs up! Either this or something else that helps artists get more exposure: More artwork sorters such as daily popular, staff picks/highlights, a feature page where artists can request to get on or suggested. Contests could work aswell such as for the sign in picture, rotate each month or two! Or somekind of newsletter delivered to everyone including other news and artists picks of the month.

People also want to support the site with money, ads are a really nice way to do it (we want to help speed up development somehow!)

Are you sure that they've not just disabled increasment of views if it's yourself looking at them? Or if they only count unique visits per piece - cause if it's so I prefer that a lot more.

This is what 'unlisted' is intended for, they do not appear in your gallery but you can still link them to people.

I figured out the answer for this! The site sometimes logs you out but still displays as if you were still logged in - you see everything but interactive features don't work: notification or uploading pics (I tried to upload stuff yesterday and it gave me an 'unanthrorized' error - turned out I wasn't actually logged in anymore).

The confusing part of this is that you can refresh some pages and it still wont show you logged out. There's a similar issue with characters where you see yourself browsing as another character than what you actually are using.

Closing the tab for the site works (all tabs with the site), but this should still be fixed - it's very confusing!

I like the idea of cover images for stories!

A month ago Dari told me that all the devs are having a break from FN to work on other projects they got - so maybe that's the reason for the silentness. The site's still on beta so I'm guessing they don't have an all-time active moderator team yet?

If you're talking about the import system - judging by the other threads here the feature isn't functioning atm (and been that way a good while).

After the site forced me to log in again the notifications started working on desktop c:

update: i can see the new notifications when using chrome on android

"GET [HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error 1756ms]"

I'm on Iceweasel, although the same bug appears also with my tablet on android chrome browser.

I went to remove all tags from the content settings (blacklist and faves), and success - the search works now!

But... Almost none of the results contain tags I had blacklisted. I played around with adding tags back and taking them out and it seems the search breaks (gives no results) if there is more than 22 tags in the blacklist (they don't have to be any sensible tags either, any nonsensible ones will do)

However, the search is still completely broken even when it gives results:

1. Both filters give out the exact same results.

2. All drawings the search gives are posted on August 18 2015 (they appear to be somewhat the same images you have in your screenshot)

3. After scrolling for a moment (assuming when it doesn't find more pics posted in the date I mentioned) the search continues with the normal all-time-popular section:

I tested with my tablet and I'm getting a different search results than with desktop - on my tablet I seem to find all the pictures from both my desktop search and your search.