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I think this would be an awesome feature to combine with groups when they happen :o

Both for digital events and irl events!

Finnish furries also have a website dedicated for this, but its only for irl events (actual meetups). Sofurry has an announcer like event feature which works for big conventions and planned streams etc.

Same bug happens when viewing different submission categories (sometimes I'll get photos in the artwork section for example, for the first row before it loads more of them).

If it's a simple split: first one draws lines, second person colours. It'd work simply by commissioning lines then colour from other. But if it's more of a shared progress I can see how it could become difficult :o

Something similar happens to my icon on the community tab aswell :o

Looks a bit like upscaling with 'box' algorithm.

I don't think fetish material requires its own category since we have the blacklist system, and in future all fetishes are by default blacklisted for you until you remove them (atleast I remember reading about this a while ago), they go together fine with adult rating.

But FN could totally benefit from M-rating.

I just experienced 100+ notifications for being away just one full day, it was painful to try spotting comments, follows and promotes among the favorites there. We need some sorting for notifications quick or it'll start being really unpleasant as more activity starts coming x_x

Or atleast a way to opt-out of notifications for favorites, they're pretty much pointless when they're secret anyways .-.

Favorites are private likes so you wouldn't be able to see a list of who favorited what in the first place. But this is probably a bug, just like being able to promote your own submissions :s

animated icons is already a planned feature:

But please no banners as gif files, that will look insanely ugly because gifs are such bad quality x____X

Something I reported earliy on before the forums happened. I'd love this to be fixed.

This really bothers me, I'm very picky on resize quality and usually upload a small version to websites so they don't autoresize my works and provide download link myself, but this doesn't seem to be possible here.

1) Only resize and use better algorithm for it (lanczos?) and don't compress jpeg's othewise, or do it very little.

2) Alternatively: let users upload the smaller file.

This is quite handy when you have a bunch of drawings to upload - so you don't spam your followers. DA has a feature like this, although I'd like a much easier version of it if something like this were to be implimented. Such as simply choose how many hours apart submissions are to be published.