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Looking fantastic! Better than I expected! :D

Only thing I'd like to mention is that the amount of description on the left buttons is a little cluttering (they could instead pop out when you hover over with mouse?) - it makes it hard to quickly glace over the button you're looking for.

I'm amazed that you've actually taken in coinsideration modern tools for animation! This sounds brilliant, although small enough .gif files could easily also be accepted. Another one I'd like to see accepted is animated png - it doesn't work on all devices but then defaults to first frame.

I don't think you need to build a custom cropper, or that can be something to do later. Cropping and converting gifs to video can be easily done with no-cost software so it shouldn't be an issue to people.

I noticed that this post doesn't appear as 'under review' when you look at the title & topic search, eventhough you set that as it's state? :o

I like this, maybe it should be posted as it's own suggestion so it gets more visibility?

I think there's another thread discussing a similar issue, since I remember posting that FN should take a look at artstation who have succesfully made comments stand out and be visible with the same layout, I like the layout where comments are on side since it'd give the ability to make multisubmissions later too.

I didn't know the flags went straight to user actually, but I think this is a good thing: This way the user can fix their lack of tags or wrong category before moderators come and spite you for it. Everything becomes more speedy like this and honestly there's nothing to be ashamed of if you're a new user and didn't know how to tag something right. This way the community as whole can ensure things are in right categories and tags so experience on site is positive.

Although I think it should be mentioned to the flagger that it goes straight to the uploader (does it go anonymously for example?) I've flagged several works but this hasn't been informed anywhere.

The faster people can flag wrongly tagged and categorized pieces the more pleasant the fresh tab is to view for general audience. We currently suffer from people not tagging their fetish works (defeating the point of blacklists) and not marking fetish material as adult even if it's not sex related because people don't realize vore, inflation, diaperfur etc. are fetish material that people who view the site as SFW don't want to see.

Quotes from Acceptable Upload policy:
No fetish artwork under General

All Fetish artwork or photographs count as Mature as well

FN could take inspiration from Artstation in the case of description box, since the layout of artwork page is near identical otherwise but Artstation's description box and comments look clean and non-cluttered, with an exception of the annoying ad if you're not using adblock of course.


I think the key here is spacing and arranging the different elements correctly. Most wanted elements need to be at top (action buttons, description, comments) and the less viewed things at bottom (promoters, tags, collections).

The display of collections could also be merged with the 'other artowork by...' part, with nothing suggested when artwork is not in a collection and if they are the title would be 'other artwork in x collection' instead. This could save a lot of space. We are also already getting a minigallery of what to look at next below the artwork itself so a second one is a bit unnessecary (eventhough they function differently). Instead of the minigallery for artists works there could simply be a link directly to artists gallery.