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People use shouts so differently, it's actually pretty hard to tell what each person wants from them. You can have a short lightheated conversation via them (but you can also message eachother), you can publically compliment someone (but you could also promote a submission they made), you can let the person know if you did something for them (but you can also just mention them), you could thank for a watch (but a lot of people find that pointless), shouts also get targeted by upset people and they're a handy place to check if the new person is trustworthy to commission (although I believe FN is planning to handle that part aswell).

Soooo now that I think of it there's no point to impliment shouts. But you should encourage and somehow highlight the fact that mentioning peoples names gives them a notification! That way people can make public posts directed for you by simply mentioning your name in the post! :D

They should be highlighted on both the dropdown and the actual page. Alternatively the dropdown notification thing could also only show new ones + it should have the number of new notifications somewhere so you know if you have more to read than what you see there. I'm actually somewhat paranoid to use the dropdown incase I miss something.

I think it's mainly confusing because they're called characters when it's actually just different profiles entirely, not really characters as we usually think them. I'm gonna assume that they first had one idea and developed the site a bit, then had a better idea and the characters weren't properly thought out when the idea changed. Because they're mostly just confusing.

I like the idea that you can have multiple separated profiles under one login, I'd like them even more separated actually: different blacklist and content settings depending on character. Although an actual feature to list all your characters on a single account would be nice too, kinda like old nabyn did: each character were on a list and when you clicked them it opened a single page with all that characters information and submissions linked to the said character - you can technically do this by one submission type and put them to folders, or create a story entry about the character in question because stories can have images on them too.

I really have all the ideas how to use the story feature for everything else but stories xD

Better solution for this might be to place the 'view my profile' button as the very first on the dropdown menu instead.

Wait, isn't this possible? I don't want to test since I don't have anything to delete, but just choose multiple submissions (by clicking them) on the manage page and hit the trashcan button :o

To me the best part of the characters is that I can privately be in another account without it having to display for everyone in my main (would be nice to have an option to link alt accounts too tho) :o

You could test by watching a new person on FA (who also has FN and used the import) and try if it adds that.

Remember that in order to import watches and follows, all those other people need to have used the import too (otherwise it wont match them, even if they had same usernames). Theres a few artists here who I watch on FA but weren't imported on my watch list, but they'll be added when they use the import follows&followers.

Watermarks do no good for drawings, it makes them annoying to look at and doesn't stop thieves at all.

Better solution is add your own nickname to one of the corners so that it doesn't obscure the work. When the drawing gets reposted (it will) people find back to you via google. Most reposters have good intentions, but you cannot stop them for admiring your work and spreading the word.

As for how easy it is for thieves to remove a watermark, modern programs have efficient tools for that. And most the times people actually trace and recolour so it won't affect a thing. Or just steal as is and pretend the watermark is theirs :P