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I was one of those who vote this down:

Roleplaying features directly implimented with a site is a massive red flag for a huge amount of people in the fandom - they don't want to be associated with it (have you ever noticed when browing FA, many people have it in red at their profile 'I don't roleplay').

This is a problem because FN will be the only site to give out commissioning tools, but if our customers object from using the site because it accosiates them with roleplay, we lose those customers. Of course it's ultimately the stupidity of people again, but it's lost customers and some artists only get so few.

However, I think the site already does a good job providing roleplay tools for those who want: Ability to create a different profile under same account, rename your display name as much as you want, freedom to create custom fields in your profile (you can easily add OOC and IC fields yourself), good messaging system and when groups become a thing I'm sure we'll have group chats too, and groups dedicated for roleplay. But the important thing is that these features are subtle enough to not make people associate the site with roleplay.

Varka: You might want to merge this thread and - since they're requests to the same thing but with different solutions (both could be easily implimented together tho).

That's a really great idea too! Or even pin up to 2 items - this way we could have a featured submission too kinda! :D

Even if download is disabled it doesn't prevent misuse, people can always screencap / save file as (music and videos can be recorded, or you can use software meant for ripping it), as long as it's in the internet somehow misuse will happen.

Preventing download hurts those people who admire and enjoy your art: lots of people save files so they can view them offline or incase the site goes down / artist takes off their content.

I enjoy that favorites are private. If you want to show your love to the artist's you like, promote their work :3

That is useful and would work, but might need a complete ovehaul to how submissions work atm :s

I meant the other to be inside the multimedia tab, if we were to add the dropdown inside the category like varka said. Audio and video could be separated entirely tho.

Artwork collections to folders?

To avoid making the dropdown massive, a category for other alongside with music/video/animation/games could easily do it.