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Would be nice to have animated png allowed for icons too, .gif's are from 90's and look rather horrifying with anything except pixel animation, a modern computer can do better c:

I think the star is really good for it's purpose. When you hover over it with your mouse it'll give you the alt text 'promote'. Promote isn't the same as retweeting, it's basically featuring / giving more popularity to something here, stars usually stand for 'popularity' or something awesome (exactly what the feature is about).

When you join new sites there's always going to be little things youre unsure about first, such as when I joined twitter almost all the symbols were strange to me except heart, but it helped when someone quickly explained them to me.

What FN really needs is that little beginners guide page that explains how the most basic things works (every community site needs that really).

Good question! Acceptable upload policy lacks section for multimedia uploads in general. Admins/mods go go go fix it!

My common sense would say that they are be okay as long as your uploads don't break this rule listed at AUP:

"No uploads that infringe on anyone’s intellectual property, privacy, or other applicable rights (derived content must be credited towards the original creator)"

And on top of having the rights to play/feature the music/videos should count as derivative content / you contribute your touch into them, such as in case of DJ mixes: skillfully mixing tracks and not simply making a playlist with winamp-like fades.

There is a way to make this work. An already a planned feature is for privacy which will allow one to only display their profile to users logged in - with this option on, blocking a person could disable them from viewing the persons page and they couldn't evade it by logging out either. Evading this by creating a new account should be punished by an actual ban from the site < case where you submit a ticket about harrashment.

Another nice thing to work around this is if and when groups become a thing, there will probably be private groups where group only can see content and joining is by join request only.

A feature for banning I'd love is when you block someone, you also block yourself from accessing their page / commenting to them. Multiple times on FA people abuse the block feature, they block a person and spam their page with questions and complaints that they are ignored, trying to create a negative image for their target. Sometimes when this happened to me I didn't even first get it was troll, wrote a long reply to them and then realize I couldn't post it... on my own page!

Or something more common and better like IRC

The way I'd see groups in FN:

-Group account is created by one user who admins the group, they may invite other admins.

-Groups can be set to public (anyone can join), invite only/request membership and private (not show on search).

-Admins highlight users who will be allowed to forward content into group, or choose that every member can automatically.

-Submissions are forwarded to groups, along with unlisted drawings (if you forward an unlisted drawing it only displays in group, not your personal account, handy!)


-Group chat divided into admins, highlighted members and all members.

-Users can leave messages that display for all admins.

-Admins need to have ability to remove/ban submissions and members from group.

-Group notifications should not go to what's new feed, or user can choose if they want so.


-Group has to main pages: public interface (browse submissions and posts, similary as on regular profiles), member page/control panel (see group notifications, enter chat, forward submissions etc.)

-If group is set to invite only or private, non-member cannot see submissions but can see banner/icon/about text on groups main page.

This was discussed in another topic somewhere. I'm gonna vote up and say yes again! markdown is confusing and makes copypasting text stuff from other places painful :s

One of the three main reasons I didn't bother with weasyl in the end.

You realize that anything posted on internet can be downloaded right? No matter if there is a button or not.

The download button lets you download the fullsize version of the piece that the artist decided to upload, it's very useful especially since theres no way to currently zoom images.

The correct way to handle this is to visibly point out your copyright or licence for the piece in it's description (the default assumption is that you hold copyright and nobody is allowed to do anything, except private download is always okay no matter what you say). Infringers always happen and you'll simply need to deal with them if it's a problem, although people innocently reposting your stuff for promotions and adoration will always happen in a scale you are not able to control - if you don't want it to happen, don't post anything to the internet.

You should've perhaps made the title more clear. A list like that already exists here:

But it lists everyone on the site offering commissions, not filtered on the people you follow.

Additional features to the tab are discussed here: :3

Perhaps it shouldn't quite autoload (imagine reading the page when it does that and then reorders things!)

But something like twitter where you can click to display "3 new posts" would be very convinient.