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This seems to work now. It was only being an issue the first day of the new update.

I would not tag that picture as gore, since the tag stands for excessive amounts of blood and guts - the kind of stuff that makes a good bunch of people feel uneasy. I'd use more relevant tags such as 'bite' and 'blood'.

If it would only be 1 tag nessecary, people could easily skip having to tag the theme and use that one tag for gender or species because they're lazy. Three tags are easy to think up for any piece.

Now it seems they randomly removed some of the pieces from the popular section, but I can't find any logic behind this. A pic from 2015 is still there while pieces posted in 2016 with more promotes are gone ?? The pics aren't removed from the site either.

The content used to be displayed with a sort of calculation freshness+promotions but they seemed to take it away some time ago.

What I'd actually like to see is different browing categories: all time popular (like now), best from this year, best this month and day. This is cause not everyone browses furry sites daily, or even monthly, having longer lasting categories gives good examples of what kind of amazing work there is in the fandom, but having daily categories serves those who visit frequently: We need both.

I'd be happy with just simple search improvements such as minus tags and google like marking, these syntax suggestions looks a tad difficult to remember so I dont think I'd use them.

Instead of using a picture thumbnail, I think a better solution to do is something what DA does: a preview of the text in the icon. This is because stories with image thumbnails tend to make me confused as I'll first assume it's artwork.

You can already embed images into story submissions c:

But I do agree that something has to be done for the story thumbnails.

And that's exactly why we have both private collections and promotions, so that people who want to collect privately can do so and also give visible feedback when they want to do so.

Even if the private collections were taken away people could still silently collect the pics by saving them locally.