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This would be really cool! I've actually already made a separate character for my business name / future online store.

Seems to happen at a certain resolution before the categories jump on the top. Happend to me too when I tested on Iceweasel.

  • Price range
  • Commission type
  • Artist's favorite tags
  • Do's and don't list

All should have a sort of default list but allow unique tags (for consistency, but not limiting). With do's and don't list, it could filter out those artists who wont draw a specific fetish or things like backgrounds, if you include those in the search.

Why artist's fav tags I think is important is because at least I look up people who enjoy drawing the theme I want to commission, it always produces the best outcome. Those themes don't always display very well if the artist does mostly commissions (secretly hoping this thing might get me more dragon commissions and not the neverending list of dogs xD).

Something similar happens to me too, but instead of staying like this the thumbnails will suddenly jump to new positions - it also affects scrolling (bounces page up or down) and is generally pretty confusing.

Now that you mentioned it, this feature would be nessecary if I wanted to completely make FN my home instead of FA (What I mean by home is place I post everything and not just pick the best to submit).

Addittionally it'd be nice if the scraps content didn't display in the main artwork feeds.

I'd love these things for anything with text honestly. Markdown is impossible to memorize because it's different on another site. I always accidentally italic everything when I mean to bold... and when I type short 'roleplay speech' it accidentally italics things because I dont remember it does that.

Actually, this editor on the suggestions page is wonderful and exactly what I'd want on the site itself too.

I also have the same issue not being motivated to copypaste any text submissions I've made because I'd have to reformat them from bbcode or html (I like bbcode and html both because they're pretty easy in most cases to just 'search and replace' the [ ] to < >, but markdown is something completely different, you have to take in coinsideration to escape things too.)

Do you mean those comments would show up on the top? That sounds kinda cool.

Another addition I think would be useful is give the artist/profile owner ability to do one picked comment (say in a submission) that displays on top.

Although if that gets added, reading new comments needs to get more clear (atm they just link to submission where new comment is, but you have to dig out that comment if theres many)

Having translations for some common other languages might work too, with them explaining the english terms of course.

I'm sure there's people who could help translate in the community c:

The page could easily fit two stories side by side as well.

Aside from the primary chatrooms (they are bound to get crowded xD) there could also be an option for people to create themed rooms themselves: open or private. I think sofurry has something like this.

This requires pretty active moderation tho.