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I think this is just the solution we need! :3

Briefly discussed this at the journal request thread actually (as an alternative way of having journals in a distant sense) ->

I do like this idea as is too! I have a lot of activity and it'd be like to give some of them a bit more highlight sometimes c:

There will be rules to read before one can order or sell commissions - appears as a planned feature:

And if they're already planning to make sure commissions work out peacefully, a rating system shouldn't be much extra work, it's the same bad apples who are awful commissioners/artists who would make wrongly filed reviews. And of course, only a commissioner should be able to write a review.

Coinsidering the pros and cons the review system is still ultimately a good thing. Since atm all the mean artists and commissioners get away with it and people suffer over and over again with them :P

There's already a report about it: (this affects favorites too)

(also mark bug reports as bug reports and not ideas in the future, it makes it easier for the admins to find!)

This happens too me too when the pictures haven't loaded yet.

I just looked at Artstation and now I really want this feature, example: &

3G on default android browser. I don't see pixelation elsewhere tho, just FN.

I noticed that at a very small spcific window size I can reproduce this on normal desktop browser as well. Seems to be at 430px width (my phone has width of 800px tho... on a similar width desktop browser displays three normal sized thumbnails). Screencap at 430px width on desktop:

Ooor maybe the mobile layout is still underwork since it seems entirely broken and unuseable... The dropdown menu to upload artwork doesn't work and notifications dropdown button doesn't exist in the mobile version.

Switching to desktop view doesn't seem to change anything either, eventhough the phone I have should have enough resolution to display desktop version of the site. Another bug?