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This kinda stuff can be cool if you follow only few but they become annoying when you follow a lot of people ye. Maybe there could be a way to turn on similar notifications to collide. Such as "A, B, C followed Y"

If you click on the fresh tab, next time you visit the artwork tab it'll begin from there instead of popular. Or it can also begin from your favorites or submissions from people you follow c:

Basically it goes on the subcategory you last visited.

Its right next to the icon, it's an pic with a bust and a plus. It's pink coloured with people you follow already.

I have actually had several times where I would've wanted to drag the sidepanel wider to read description better.

Zooming should have keyboard shortcuts like the browsing already has too (up and down arrows?), and a key to quickly toggle 100% size c:

You can do this by uploading a submission and setting it's state to 'unlisted', from there you can link the submission but it doesn't show publicly :3

Edit: Oh, read the description and realized you meant making thumbnails for linked artwork instead, that'd be pretty cool :o

both are about being able to define different types of notifications from eachother

Adding to this, our fandom has many people who like to tip and support those artists who decide to leave their products free from paywall & drm. So instead of adding tools to loosely prevent things that can't be prevented, we should build opportunities such as a tip jar (which I believe is already a planned feature).

This combined with Crassus's comment about better tag use here:

Would be amazing!