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I'm pretty sure it's a bug that you can promote your own submissions, we reported about it with a bunch of friends early on and I think the response was that they'll fix it.

3 is ultimately the best option. I think it's important for those artists who specializeo in adult themes to be able to display the theme they draw best in the price sheet.

BUT I think it'd be decent to first require the swf pricesheet to be uploaded and then give option to upload the adult one after. That way those who browse on sfw mode are ensured to not get black boxes because people are lazy :P

How do you view adult content as a guest? I can't find a way at least o.O

According to FN's rules, all fetish content needs to be tagged as adult in the first place, so seeing odd fetishes when only sfw content on shoudln't be a problem (and if it is, you report the people not obeying site rules).

tags could be a ton better if there was just one tag for a specific fetish and not many synonymes and mispelled versions that you all have to tag to get the subject blocked. For example, in order to block all the material about overly muscular characters I blocked: muscular, muscles, musclefur, muscle-fur, muscle_fur

An implimentation for official tags would be nice (they could be highlighted among others so users are drawn to pick them)

I've never actually had issues with paypal (I'm located in finland and luckily the content I draw is within paypals accepted limits). I once got someone actually reporting me for trolls, but the case was quickly solved with proof.

But I'm very curious of what other alternatives could be used for payout in my case, paypal does have it's fees even if they're not huge ones, and would be nice to see a future for potentially offering more mature commissions if I ever start feeling comfortable drawing them.

I'm pretty sure this will be a thing, because FN aims to make it easy for artists to also sell mature/adult artwork, therefor payouts with paypal aren't even possible when selling such content.

I actually mentioned the same bug here too: (similar bug as well I believe, the jump one happens when browsing all-FN content where as empty spaces happen in user galleries)

I use iceweasel, easily reproduced both bugs in chromium as well. (iceweasel = lightweight linux firefox, chromium = linux chrome)

And especially on commission related messages and statuses! :D