Color code the notification list

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Its really cool how it looks now but i honestly think it would be a lot easier if new art work has for example a redfish banner to it, comments green, post blue etc. doesnt have to be solid but right now it just all looks the same and is annoying when quickly scrolling

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Oh, sorry. I didn't see those when I searched.

I'd really like this as well! Maybe all notifications could have different colors and a readily available chart?

Under review

Not a bad idea - as long as the colors are easy to understand (and obviously displayed)!

Please don't make the colors too bright, thank you.


I'd really like to have the ability to opt-out from receiving notifications for favorites, since they're anonymous and kinda spam the inbox from important messages. Colourcode or iconcoding others would be very handy tho c:

Seems more like a separate feature to me, not really something thats related to the simple "please color it" topic that this thread is about

Varka: You might want to merge this thread and http://support.furrynetwork.com/topics/184-notification-categories/ - since they're requests to the same thing but with different solutions (both could be easily implimented together tho).

The comments are about that but the main topic is a seperate feature

both are about being able to define different types of notifications from eachother

I don't agree but alright.


At the moment, we're not going to plan to color-code the notification list; while this would help a large number of people, it would leave out those who are colorblind. Instead, we're looking at various ways to sort the notification area.