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They're not really characters, but different profiles you can post submissions to, watch different people - be the character. They're entirely separate from your main character/account.

I've found them useful like this - except that I can't change my blacklist or favorites separately for different profiles. So I'm not so sure what their actual purpose is to be.

Those are called submissions, notifications are the little messages that tell when someone watched you ^^;

Just saying since people will probably misunderstand the post from title.

But this does happen to me sometimes too, on iceweasel. Specifically happens when I browse the categories really quickly.

This is the only thing I imported when I joined and it worked.

You've probably joined on the new beta key wave which means everyone else is also doing this, so the import might take a good while to finally finish. It took it's time for me aswell eventhough I didn't join on a wave. You can expect to wait a couple of hours, if not even more.

Should probably be fixed anyway, I would imagine that will also break emails.

And thanks, I had no clue flickr had such a feature - I don't actually use the site other than randomly coming across it this time when I was searching CC-BY content to use in the said tutorial. Was also the first time I saw an url have the @ symbol, but I figured it's possible for them to have that :o

I think FN does really well when coinsidering exposure, and even more so after groups become a thing. Instead of giving visiblity by favorites (which would obviouly just make porn visible), it's done with promotes instead - which not only make a piece stand higher on popularity page but also appear in the what's new feed if you're watching the person who promited. I've found quite a few artists like this, way more than I've found over FA in a while.

Good artists will promote other good art, so if you follow them you'll find out more.

When we get groups, they'll be a useful place to get exposure if you're new to the community and know nobody so far, I think promoting unknown art will ultimately be up to groups, not the site admins (they have other things to do!)

I do also think it's a bit awkward that the 'front page' is your inbox, but several other sites do this as well (like twitter). There isn't really much to put on it in the end (submissions have their own really well done area), so all there could be is beginners guide and site updates/announcements. Which could easily be placed elsewhere.

FN is more a community site than plain art gallery - reason why it's not too similar with FA, DA, SF, IB, Weas etc.

And that's a good thing, we have so many plain art gallery sites to choose from already.

Journals -

Polls would be really nice too, or generally posts where you can instead put a few questions people answer either by choosing from a ready list or type themselves - would be great for both free raffles and votes! :3

Groups are probably going to be implimented, so I'd assume those artists who like could put together one where people could ask them how they do things / place to post tutorials and informative things!
Groups -

natural solution would be to upload both animated and unanimated avatars where users are either automatically displayed the still picture if their browser is featureless or completely opt-out from animated icons from their settings c:

Now constantly happening to me too, but only in user galleries (popular, fresh, following tabs still have the jumpy/sudden rearrangement glitch instead).

With this I think a system that lets you tick which notifications you want to receive when watching someone would be handy. Deviantart has something like this. Plus a watch list control panel do modify later.

Another handy thing with promotions would be that if multiple people you watch promote the same drawing they'd collapse into just one post instead of all.