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That's something we're working on fixing, at the moment. Stay tuned!

Copy-pasting Aaros' excellent description of the requirements here:

A journaling system that:

  • allows users to write long journal posts, ideally with formatting as well
  • sends notifications to people who follow them that show up in a notification icon in the navigation bar at the top of the page
  • Has a large comments section for discussion

In my opinion this is very important for the culture of a site and the developing of community and the ability to have conversations about topics that spread across the community. Not being able to have those kinds of interactions is honestly a huge issue for me.

Hello all! Due to changes in the way the source site accepts logins, our importer is temporarily not working! We'll have a fix soon. <3

Current date and time: Sunday May 22, 4:41 PST

This is something we have planned - probably as a specific tab on the homepage, dedicated to actual journals.

We'll be discussing it as a team and make sure that Journals are well represented on FN!

This is being developed! It will likely make it into the next feature launch. :D

Thanks to everyone who reported this. This bug should now be fixed!

If it's not, and you encounter it again, let me know - and I'll both reopen the bug, and bring it up with our development team! (Please include 'steps to reproduce', if you find them).

Good news everyone - this is happening! Along with a full reworking of the 'feed' page, to split content away from notifications.

Here's a sneak peek of the reworked interface. Note the 'grid view' button at top, and the full artwork being displayed with no letterboxing or notifications mixed in:

Grid view, of course, is also present - note the dividers between your last visit and older dates, together with notifications being in their own section on the sidebar. This is the screenshot that I got the most excited about:

And finally, the notifications / activity page - where all the other updates about other people go:

We're currently working on coding and finishing these interfaces, but I thought I'd share these early screenshots with you as I expect they'll be as exciting to you as they are to me!


This has been completed - and is now live on the site! We'll be improving it slightly in the next few weeks by adding easy block/mute buttons to user profiles.

Full announcement / more details here: