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Hey all!

We recently changed the "Popular" category to only show images uploaded in the last 7 days, sorted by popularity.

I'm going to close this one out for now - but feel free to create a new suggestion thread for a filter-based one where you can pick a date range!


Stats porn!

We'll revisit this one later; for now, we're being sure to collect basic statistics (number of images uploaded, etc), but we'd like to make this its own 'thing' for sharing data with data nerds, to produce interesting statistics.

Project for after launch, I think!

This is something we have planned - it's a little off, but would be really useful for promoting and highlighting up-and-coming artists that are showing talent!

Hey all!

Plenty of votes here - would this be best as a "Make it bigger" button you could click on a particular image if you wanted to go through all the comments, or would it be a site layout change that would show for everyone?

What would the layout look like - and how would it work on mobile?

If anyone has some quick-and-dirty mspaint skills, now's your chance to shine and show us all how it might look!

Good point - as a colorblind person myself, I too have issues with this button!

Putting this on the radar of our development team :3

Hey all -

I'm going to mark this topic as 'Completed', as the cub porn ban has gone into effect - however, there are a lot of very useful points raised here (including the original idea for extreme content to be opt-in) that would be very useful for other kinds of content - and as such, I recommend you vote on the following 'default blacklist' thread:

As always, please make sure you focus your discussion on the technical details of the feature, not on the surrounding politics - and keep your language and behavior civil. The above thread is for the discussion of how to help contraversial content is only viewed willingly by users, not on the relative merits of that content having a place on the site, or the politics surrounding its existence. It's also not for flinging mud or calling other users names. be civil.

I've gone through this thread and removed comments that did not relate to the feature at hand or were outright attacking other users (most were concerning the relative merits of the decision to ban cub porn) - as always, please be civil and constructive when you post on here.

Thank you!

Hey all,

A few weeks ago we pushed a big update to the feed page, that implemented a lot of the feedback outlined here. As a result, I'm marking this topic as 'completed' - but (because I want to test the 'satisfaction' poll that shows up after something is marked as completed), I'd like to know if you're satisfied with the solution we've created!

Thanks to everyone who contributed on this topic - you were invaluable in improving FN for everyone! Go team!


Hey all -

We reworked our Feed page a few weeks ago - is it still deleting everything, even when you have filters on?

We're most of the way through building a viewer which pops up on the Feed page, that lets you view the submission without losing your place when you hit 'back'!