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Edited the title / the word ordering on your post a little bit, to help more people find this topic!

The FA importer right now duplicates existing submissions when you run the import again, instead of just syncing over the ones which are new. This used to work properly, but appears to be a new bug. It's something we're committed to fixing though!

Voting for this, as I've experienced it myself!

As the import tool logs into your FA account in order to perform the import, I don't think this is something that's really all that feasible to implement at the moment.

Furry Network does have great drag-and-drop multi upload and edit functionality though:

It sounds like this feature mainly revolves around character owners cross-posting an image they commissioned from an artist on their own account - so that when their image is finished, it shows up on both the artists' gallery, and on the commissioner's gallery.

Based on the recurring theme of "Coordination between artist and commissioner is a pain", maybe re-framing the solution to be based around making it easy for both parties to post a finished piece on their galleries would be a good option. It could be an additional step at the end of the "commission" process, where both users are prompted to open the image in a 'draft' submission, ready to add tags, edit description and post.


Not a bad idea. What other important filtering tools / tags would be critical? It'll be important to avoid the dreaded 'category staleness' problem that happens on other sites, whereby the categories were drawn up once, and become irrelevant as time goes on...

Maybe making a section in the 'profile' tool would accomplish this:

Edit: derp, this is how to change the DISPLAY name, not the username. Ignore this response!


This is currently implemented, actually. Click "Edit my Profile" from the top menu:

One thing we haven't implemented yet is actual username changes (Eg, for me, it's @varka). This is something we'd likely support in the future, though it'd likely be performed by contacting an admin via our ticket system.

I like this idea a lot - especially as it opens up opportunities for proper auction tools like reputation scoring / minimums, ability to remove bids, and ties into the commission system and payment tools already on the site. :D

Regarding the line breaks: that's lame. You should submit that as a separate bug; it shouldn't munge stories like that.

If the toolbar offered the ability to easily add bold and so on (by generating the required markdown), would that be sufficient - or would it need to preview the changes in the editor as well?

We SORT of have collections - but they're only able to be edited by the artist only, which makes them more "folders" than collections.

I'd be interested to see how much demand there is for this.

...The main reason we haven't implemented as extensive a tag-searching system on Furry Network is because we've found very few people actually use it.

Part of this is because it's very complex to use - and our statistics indicate that the vast majority of users simply search using a handful of words (and none of the advanced operators, like favcounts, viewcounts, resolution, negative tags and so on). However, I also think that having tools appropriate to each userbase is important. e621 is a power-user's toolset; it's one of the most powerful furry art search engines on the internet, and is very good at what it does (digging out content and having great keywords). Furry Network is more about the overall user experience and community - and so, while we try to get to launch, we've elected to prioritize other features.

Of course, just because 'nobody uses it' doesn't mean that advanced search isn't useful to power-users - so I'd be interested in seeing how voting for this feature goes :)