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Thank you for bringing up these concerns - you're right; those two related topics had merit, and should have been directly addressed instead of being removed outright. I'd like to have these topics reinstated so we can address them appropriately - as there are numerous concerns in a similar vein that we'd like to get responses to as well. It's unfortunate that we outright deleted both of these in our hurry to get things back under control on the support section of the site, but hindsight is always 20/20. We'll have a better solution in place in the future.

Once things have calmed down a little, tempers are running a little cooler, and we've had a chance to draft up a full, detailed response to them, we'll make a reply in the two following threads, relating to banning/unbanning types of content, and address the concerns there. Sorry we didn't make this clear from the outset.

Threads are here: and here:

Separately, I think that the support system is not suited to contentious issues with "sides". It's great for mainly technical problems where all participants are judging comments on the basis of their technical merit, but it descends quickly into a "battle" between warring sides - something which is notorious for breaking down into name-calling rather rapidly - for more contentious issues such as site policy. I'll be consulting with the other members of the team to see if we can find a better medium for encouraging and facilitating feedback on policy-type stuff.



This is actually a good idea - as previously completed 'feature requests' aren't very useful to people looking to try and suggest improvements to the site! If they were bugs, I'd think they'd be useful - but already-completed stuff? Not so much.

Gonna see if I can do this now...

edit: Yes! it worked :D

Hey there Mewtwolover,

Our moderation team is working together to come up with some internal policies for where we draw the line on content like that mentioned. We hope to have some solid guidelines for our team to follow - as well as practical guidance for users looking to upload said content - shortly.

That said, the best way to get a judgement call on art before upload is to send an email to management [at] furrynetwork dot com. Our moderation team can take a look at the artwork in question and get you an official answer.


Heya -

There are several items missing currently from our site policies, including a full Privacy Policy, information regarding what rights you give us when you upload your work, along with an "About" page giving information on the site, who owns/runs it, and why we decided to build it.

We have drafts of our Acceptable Upload Policy, Code of Conduct and About page that are more developed than the ones currently on the site, and hope to be able to spend some time getting them up to a good standard for publishing soon.

You're right - these are totally essential to trusting your content to any site; and we'll be working to get them finished, double checked and on the site soon.


This is being built!

Basically, imported artwork will not show up on the fresh feed or in users' "What's New" page, except in one specific circumstance (eg, when you're using the import tool to sync across 'new work' after your initial import - we'll be adding a way for you to have it show up in feed and fresh; specific implementation details to follow).

How would profiles be selected? Would it be chosen by site staff (eg "Artist Spotlight"), or some other way?

This might be better covered by this:

These are some great suggestions actually. For example, if the tag "gore" is added to a submission, the piece could automatically be classified as "Explicit" - for tags which are implicitly mature or explicit in nature.

This could be a useful way of preventing stuff from slipping through!

I'm interested to see how many votes this garners.

Hey all -

Being able to completely delete an account is an important feature of any social media site. For the administration side of things, the only real change needed would be to add a 5-7 day delay to the deletion of the account, so bans / tickets / other moderation actions could complete. Aside from that, most of the work has already been done (by allowing users to delete characters).

Please vote if you'd like to see this added!