Unable to upload thumbnail for multimedia files.

purplenumberf 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 8

Upon trying by either browse or drag & drop uploading a thumbnail fails either after uploading or by simply closing the dialog at 0% after a few seconds. Saving after this changes nothing. Encountered using Chrome.

I have the same problem, using the same browser. I cannot upload a thumbnail.

Same problem here. Tried .jpg and .png format for the thumbnail, no result on either, while using Firefox.

Under review

That's something we're working on fixing, at the moment. Stay tuned!

I was able to upload thumbnails today, which are visible in my feed now, but the "gallery" entries are still blank as if there is no thumbnail. Is it a cache thing?

Maybe it is a cache thing. I was able to upload a thumbnail, save it and it showed up normal in my gallery and the browse section.

It shows up in the gallery now as well, but only for one out of two submissions.

Disregard, i suppose it was just slow. :)


Thumbnails for multimedia now appear to be working. We're also looking at implementing thumbnails for stories in the future.