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How would we handle oddly-shaped submissions in that layout though? We support 'custom thumbnails' right now, so you can crop your artwork to whatever part you'd like and that's how it'd show up. Are you suggesting we show the image in its original proportions? How could we adapt the layout to support that - particularly for very tall or wide images?

Good input on the activity tab. We're going to make it enableable/disableable for sure, and I think we could revise the way notifications show up in it to be more useful.

We originally implemented it that way so you can add a great image to the top, and have only a little bit of it show when someone first visits the page - but to let them scroll up and see the whole thing if they want to.

Thanks for the feedback on all of these! Your input broadly mirrors what we had in mind for this (especially promoted submissions / journals).

Good feedback on the followers/following row count!

1. Is this "don't make thumbnails square" more feedback directed towards the entire site and way galleries are done overall, or is it just specific to the user profile page? I'd assume if you picked one "featured submission" it'd display in whatever shape the image dictates.

3E. This module is meant to be able to be for one of the list of items I mentioned - eg, you could have a "Favorites" module, or a "Most Recent Artwork" module, etc - but they wouldn't all be mashed into one box and shown together. You could add one for your faves, and a separate one for recent submissions though.

4. It's all kinds of content, with different 'sections' you can click on, on the left, to switch between each kind. Eg it'd show gallery first, but you could click on Stories and it'd switch t show those.

Other input: That's kind of what we had in mind with 3e. Do away with the activity feed view as the only way to view someone's favorites, and make it so you can click on a tab "Users' favorited art", etc. Would this make more sense?

This is one of the modules we're proposing - I clarified 3E to mention this would let you show off stuff you've faved/promoted.

1. So to make sure I understand you correctly, you're suggesting that we force the first item on the page to be "Recently Uploaded"?

3. For favorite artists/friends, I think we could either do this as a "show a list of users" module (who you cherry pick who shows up), or add the ability to embed icon links to people to Markdown. That way you could just have a Markdown box with whatever formatting and listing you want, with those icons as you want them to be.

Thanks for the feedback!

Well, remember that different devices have different screen widths - so the items would stack to become 'single file' when the window isn't wide enough. It just happened to be that I took the screenshot / the mockup was generated on a very, very wide monitor.

I believe the way that gallery tab is supposed to work, is to have you switch between content types on the left - which means you'd only be able to see one at a time.

So if I understand you correctly, you're suggesting that "Favorites should have their own tab"? I think that sounds reasonable and doable - so you can also browse that user's favorites on a dedicated page, not just via a little gallery module.

When it comes to the 'social' tab, we could probably rustle up a Twitter 'module' that plops on your profile and shows recent tweets, a-la Widgets on Twitter's site. I don't think that'd be too much of a problem (probably worth its own thread once we get things figured out in the big picture of profiles).

Thanks for your input!

Hey all! We've taken your suggestions on board, and come up with some mockups of what the Furry Network profile pages might look like:

I'm going to leave this topic open for a while still (until the new one gathers some steam) - but will probably merge this one in as a 'duplicate' of the one linked above. That way the votes still count and the discussion is still visible - but hopefully it won't be so crowded in the discussion section!

Please be sure to post your feedback on what we've come up with there! Thanks <3