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Quick update - I've gone through this thread and removed a bunch of posts which were off topic, as well as answered those that are.

We welcome votes and productive discussion on this 'delete account' functionality - but remember to be civil, and stay on topic!

You can find our full site terms here:

Having read through it, I can't find any mention of anything relating to the ability to request your account be "fully deleted" - if you could link me to the section in question, I can take a look for you?

That's completely understandable. You can find a voting thread requesting the ability to delete accounts entirely from the site here:

Oh derp - sorry, misunderstood the question! Reopened the topic - and merged some other threads which were asking for a way to change their username on the site.

Hey all -

The underlying issue raised in the original post ("People should be able to block content they don't like") is covered in our Blacklist functionality (which is working right now), and by the Default Blacklist feature request, covered here: ).

Given the fact this isn't really an idea, more an inflammatory statement of opinion, I'll be closing this as 'completed' (as we have blacklists implemented).

Hey all,

We're currently working on some refinements to what shows up in "Fresh" - in particular, excluding imported artwork from there by default, and making it so that users can choose if they want their followers to be notified / their submission to show up in fresh, when they decide to publish a submission.

The original idea presented was more as an exposure tool for new artists, and thus it's point still stands - so I'll be setting this one to "under review" for now - but just letting you know that the Fresh feed shouldn't be so spammy, and therefore this suggestion should be even more useful once we get that change finished.



Hey all!

As soon as we figure out what we're going to call Favorites and Promotes (and what their future will be.... see here: ), we'll be adding Promotes (or favorites, or whatever they end up being called) as a tab on people's Profile pages........ once we've figured out what we're going to do to Profile pages (see here: ).

Sorry to put this whole thing in limbo until two entire other features get figured out.... but suffice to say, there'll be a way to see what people are 'promoting' (or faving, or whatever XD)