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We'd love to do this; putting this one in the list of things to develop post-launch!

This is a feature we're working on right now - keep an eye out for a future blog post discussing how we used user feedback to figure out a solution to this!

This has been completed and is live on the site! :D

Full details and announcement here:

We're making some progress on this; more info to come, but in the meantime, here's a teaser screenshot of what we're considering! (this is a user's page being shown here).

We've been floating some interesting ideas around for how we could make this feature even better - and welcome your thoughts.

Animated .GIF files tend to be quite large (1-2MB for any appreciable length), especially for the sort of resolutions that Furry Network demands for icons. However, technology has moved on a lot since animated GIFs - including HTML5 video, GIFV (GIF video), and WebM video formats - all of which have broad browser support now. What's more is resizing video is a 'solved problem' nowadays as well.

What if we kept the maximum file size of 1-2MB, but made the animated icons be a square *video*, with maximum length of (say) 15-20 seconds - with clear guidelines as to what's acceptable in an animated icon? There's a lot of possibilities that open up by having a more flexible, higher fidelity creative canvas for people to make their own icons - and it'd likely be relatively easy from a technical standpoint as well.

Some other considerations would be requiring a non-animated icon to be in place in order to upload an animated one, and a simple setting in preferences to disable animated icons site-wide while browsing it. For mobile or performance-limited devices we could automatically disable animated icons, in which case the regular one would be used instead.

For uploading, would we need to provide a cropping and trimming tool (a-la Twitter), or would it be reasonable to expect users to be able to produce a video of a given size/resolution/format, appropriate for upload? We could probably link to a few online converters / editing tools (eg a .GIF to video converter), or pull an off-the-shelf conversion tool and slot it into the upload system for this - but how important will it be that we make the animated icon upload user friendly? We'd want to encourage artists to make actual *animated icons*, rather than permit/encourage random videos or whatever be uploaded that have nothing to do with being an animated icon.

Your thoughts and feedback please - we think this could be really cool if done right!

Thanks to everyone who voted for this feature - I am proud to report that this has been completed and is live on the site!

Full announcement here:

This feature has been completed, and is now live on the site!

Full details / announcement here:

Thanks to everyone who suggested and voted for it! <3

Hey everyone! Thanks for your great feedback so far, this has been really useful for us to figure out a better solution (and the cases when it'd apply).

This is something we are investigating, and getting an idea of the complexity involved in implementing a "third content rating" from our development team, as well as what the political concequences would be.

We are considering three content ratings right now. The names and the scope of these aren't set in stone - so we welcome feedback on how we can improve them!

"General" - Content suitable for all ages, without sexual themes, violence or fetish themes.

"Mature" - Content which features violence, blood, fetish themes, drugs and/or artistic nudity (but no arousal / sexual content). [Note the addition of 'fetish themes' here - this would cover vore etc]

"Adult" - Content which features explicit adult material, and/or extreme fetish content.

Basically, the big change this would create would be putting "fetish" content which isn't implicitly adult into a "Mature" category, along with stuff like anatomically correct but non-sexual refsheets, etc. We think this should solve the majority of the issues / use cases raised, and still keep the site "safe for work" when browsing in our upcoming "SFW" mode.

Thoughts? Feedback?

We've implemented a solution where imported artwork shows up in drafts, and will be published in the order you set them as 'Public'.

Thus, if you go through your drafts after import and mark them 'public' in order of oldest to newest, that's the exact order they'll show up in your gallery.

This is our first 'try' at solving the reordering problem - if you don't think it's sufficient, we are open to suggestions for how we could improve it so it *is* sufficient!