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This already exists - all you need to do is click on multiple submissions, and then hit the little trash can icon and all of the ones selected will be deleted.

Great feedback everyone! I'm merging this into the other similar 'blocking' thread, as I believe the suggestions made here could be incorporated into the broader 'blocking' and 'muting' functionality we have planned for the site.

Was the internet connection running via a mobile network, or via WiFi? I know some mobile providers auto-compress JPGs to save bandwidth on their network.

Oh, and what browser was it? Was it Opera Mobile, by any chance? Some browsers do the same thing and compress images to make them load quicker.

This is being implemented as an "announcements" category on the feed page - users can disable them by clicking on the filter type for it, and clear them out / delete them like any other post. We're intending to have them 'on' by default, and they'll be tailored to show up as short and sweet articles similar to 'posts', linking to more in-depth resources as necessary.

This is being implemented as "Muting", similar to how Twitter does it!

A fix for this is being worked on right now, and should make it out in the next update.

Oh yeah - the 'so-and-so mentioned you' aspect of mentioning @someone is actually a pretty good analog for Shouts.

Would simply making the notifications for people @mentioning you suffice for most 'shouts' use cases?

The Commissions feature isn't complete yet; we're running tests with limited numbers of users right now, before we open it up to a wider testing pool.

Patience! :D