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This has been completed:

We now have a third "mature" content rating as described in my earlier post. Woohoo!

I'm kind of surprised we didn't have a thread for this already - we've planned to have this for a long time, and actually have the infrastructure for it completed, we just need to push it live.

This will be being implemented on the site shortly!


Thanks for all the great feedback, everyone. renaming "Characters" to "Profiles" seems to be the way to go!

I'll be making sure we run this idea past a broader cross-section of people soon, so we can be sure this is the right choice. Thanks for your work on this :D

This is something we should definitely implement.

Quick question - what should the filename be? I'd be interested to hear what kind of filename structure people would recommend / prefer. If you could thumbs-up the file name formats posted in response to this message if you support it, that way I can get a better feel for which ones are preferred!

Would this be needed if we offered a way to choose NOT to announce to followers / the fresh feed when you published something? (Which is a feature we're planning to implement very soon)?

Good feedback on this, everyone - we'll revisit this topic when we're closer to launching commissions.

This has a lot to do with how people want to browse for people who are available for commissions - and will likely require some output from that to make an informed decision!

This is pretty important to have.

We plan to implement this in some form, either as filters, or as tabs/sections for each kind of notification.

I like the idea of renaming "Favorite" to "Add to collection", and "Promote" to "Favorite" - and it wouldn't require much change from how things work now. It would, however, remove the expectation that faves would be somehow 'more visible' to others (the 'repost/reblog/retweet' use case).

Would it be better to make it so you can set faves as public/private, and retain the "Repost/reblog/retweet" style functionality intended of Promotes? Inquiring minds wish to know!

Hey all!

Lots of votes on this one; proper transparent PNG support is something that I think would be valuable on FN, though I do have some concerns about file size.

Image quality degradation is actually something we should address separately - see this thread for more info and to vote / lend your voice:

What if we simply made the way the site handles the 'background color' more consistent? Eg, made it so the transparent background color was always the same as the site's background color?

Not decided anything yet - just looking at options and what people are looking for, so we can consider them!



Hey all!

This is something we'd like to offer, but we feel might be best served by dedicated "streaming" support in our upcoming Announcements interface. As such, I'm setting this one to "Planned - After Launch".

However, the Announcements feature we're currently designing should allow you to easily post an 'announcement' to your followers that you're streaming, and allow you to edit it afterward to say "Stream finished! Thanks to all that came out!" or similar.

This might cover most of this use case's basic needs to begin with - but I think this deserves real, proper support - complete with automatic previews and so on, along with a page that shows everyone who's currently streaming.