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Oh wow, you're right. And the image doesn't really give much indication of what the submission is, either...

Maybe adding the name of the submission, like so: "So-and-so commented on [submission name]"?

That's actually a really big usability issue - not being able to tell types of submission from one another.

Perhaps adding a dropdown to the search form - say, "Show only...." with a dropdown (All, Music, Video, Animations/Games)?

We've noticed a big issue with the algorithm used to make sample images for the feed (amongst other places); merging this into the main thread for it!

This is being built and will make it in for our public launch!

I think renaming them to "Profiles" could work well to clear up any confusion, as you rightly point out not everyone makes a new profile for each character of theirs. What about "Character Profiles"? We'd need to see more votes for this to indicate broader support before we would consider renaming it at this late stage.

Blacklists are on the account level, because usually the things that squick people out are part of them, rather than part of their character. Though I do agree, the favorite tags could definitely be more useful if account-specific.

Merged these two together; while not identical exactly, they're both dealing with very similar concepts!

Not a bad idea - as long as the colors are easy to understand (and obviously displayed)!

So here's a question for you all - how should we handle adult/non-adult price sheets?

Not all users of the site will be browsing with adult mode on, and as such, we need to decide what content level we will allow for price sheets. If we DO allow adult content in price sheets, then we'll need some way of uploading a 'non-adult' price sheet that's shown to users with adult submissions turned off.

Which do you think we should do, and why?

1. No adult content in price sheets. Only one non-adult price sheet per user, displayed to all users

2. Adult content allowed in price sheets. For users with adult submissions turned off, price sheet does not show / shows with a "Content Blocked" warning

3. Adult content allowed in price sheets, with option for non-adult price sheet alternative. For users with adult submissions turned off, non-adult price sheet is shown.


Sorry about that - this was our mistake. We screwed up deployment of a new feature, and will be rolling back / removing those default blacklisted tags today.

We'll make sure all the other things needed for this feature to launch are ready, and do it properly next time.

Fortunately, adding new payout methods is relatively straightforward; the challenge is finding ones that work well and are desirable for artists!

We welcome suggestions for services we could use, or criteria that are important to you, so we can investigate them and see what adding them would take. Please continue to vote for this if it's important to you.

Thanks all!