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We've discussed this internally, and we think that this would be best served as a real feature put together after the site launches.

There's a number of things that we realized would be immediately needed if we were to make this feature - most notably, an interface for artists / sellers to manage and cancel bids, a policy and functionality for managing non-paying bidders and second-chance offers in the event of nonpayment, as well as a bunch of other related features including administration to help resolve disputes.

We want auctions to be amazing, and think they deserve to be their own separate project. This suggestion of a simple addition is good - but we think we can make it better.

Hey everyone -

Thanks for your great feedback and suggestions on this. We're probably going to hold off on implementing this until AFTER we launch the site, but I think it's going to be fairly high up on the priorities list. Looking forward to it!

We're reviewing what would be need to do this - this is really needed, and will probably make it in before launch.