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We kind of already have this - in the form of Collections:

I believe it can also be applied to stories, too. Here's how you do it:

There are forward and back arrows shown on view-submission pages to navigate back and forth, which should let you browse through (say) a comic, in order.

Does this do what you're looking for?

The terminology we are using right now is flexible, as we haven't launched the feature 'for real' yet. If you have better ideas for what to name them, speak up!

One idea I had was to use "Quote" instead of "Scope".

There's a tradeoff between ease of use and power/control in these kinds of features. Some of the use cases are pretty compelling though!

Delayed publication is something we discussed briefly in the Patreon-style Subscription / Integration thread, located here:

Of course, there are other uses for delayed publication - and it could certainly be very handy for sharing your newest works with those you trust most, before others get to see them.

The second aspect of this is more around Privacy, as Twelve points out. We have three statuses for submissions - Draft (unfinished / still needs to be messed with), Unlisted (currently only accessible if you give someone the link) and Public (anyone can see it). Maybe providing a way to provide some visibility to those unlisted submissions would work well - say, to 'people I follow only', or 'specific people', or (if/when we implement groups), "this group of people". This could maybe be rolled in with a bunch of other privacy features, for example ability to set your profile as only visible to logged-in users, ability to block users from viewing/messaging you, and so on.

The third aspect is 'real groups' - where you assign users to a group, and then assign group permissions from your gallery to them. The problem with this is it very quickly approaches Facebook levels of permission complexity - and that's something we'd like to avoid. Perhaps if it were instead implemented as a "friends" feature, where you can assign certain people as "friends" to see unlisted submissions, that'd work well. Combined with multiple character profiles, it should be a little simpler to keep content you'd prefer private to just a little group of trusted friends.

I'll keep an eye on this and see how things develop.

The big thing about implementing new tools is often about how users utilize them in new and unexpected ways. Social forces - such as peer pressure, feedback from fans etc - are often the 'end-all' when it comes to this. There's a balance, and it's quite likely that people will find it pretty quickly (with a little help).

As such, guiding and suggesting to users how best to utilize the tools to suit both their needs and those of their fans and the wider community I think would be key to making this work well. We tend to pay close attention to how people use things, and in what direction things are moving - and I'm confident we could make it work well, assuming that people like it and use of the feature reaches 'critical mass'.

Have you tried using Ctrl-0 to set the browser zoom to the native resolution of the browser? I've just tried it in Chrome and have been unable to reproduce the issue.

Having Patreon-style subscription options on-site is something we've been planning to offer - given that we have payment processing (and payouts to artists) nailed down, it'd be really cool to offer artists/creators the ability to do the same things, directly on Furry Network.

Some of the ideas we have for how it could work:

1. As a 'tip jar', so you can show support to your favorite artist/creator, without expecting anything in return (except maybe getting a little 'contributor' badge on your profile)

2. As a 'early access' system, so each item posted would be immediately visible to subscribers, and would automatically become publically viewable say a week later

3. As a 'paysite' style system, where only subscribers get access to a body of previous and ongoing works.

One other option, if artists are more comfortable with using an off-site tool, would be to build a little Patreon widget that linked to their campaign page, and (Say) had a running total of their total monthly contributions.

We'd love to see a tally of votes for this, so we can decide where it fits in our post-launch schedule.