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This has been completed! It can be found at the bottom of the drop-down menu when you click on your username, in the top right:

Heyas -

I just tried this out and yes, it does seem that copy-pasting tags for a submission doesn't work properly - it just strings them together as one word (despite the copy-pasted tags being one per line).

Edited the title of this and changed it to 'bug', so we can track it!

Yep - just click the little 'link' icon at the top of the image on the Manage Artwork page:

Hmm - yeah, adding forward/back arrows at the bottom of a story when it's part of a collection would likely solve this problem I think. Converting this to "under review", so we can track it.

The permissions for this get pretty complicated, pretty quickly - especially when you start dealing with fine-grained controls like you explain in your problems & thoughts section.

One solution might be to simply have both participants upload their image to their respective accounts, and link to one another's submission - kind of how things are done now.

This is sort of related to the "Commissioner / artist cross posting" idea suggested in another topic, actually - where both parties have a shared piece of media they want to upload and see the comments on.

Good suggestion on shortening it to "FN" - saves a ton of space, too!

One thing you could do is simply turn off adult submissions entirely:

This is a planned feature before launch. We even put in placeholder links and everything:

We would love to hear suggestions for article ideas - and to put together a list of people who are interested in writing good, solid articles on the basis of their knowledge and experience.

This is a good idea - we talked about this internally, and it'd probably be implemented as follows:

A new tab, "Privacy", under "Edit My Account", with a check box "Make my account only visible to registered users", and possibly another one "Don't allow search engines to index my account".

We'd like to see how many votes this gets, so we can decide if it should be implemented before or after launch.

We'd certainly like to build and offer a public API for developers - right now, the site is built exclusively using JSON API calls; you can see some of them if you look at network requests while browsing around the site. If you're creative, I'm sure you can come up with a way to use these APIs...

That said, a proper, well-documented API is something we'd like to offer, but will likely have to wait until we've launched, or we get a bunch of requests for really awesome apps people would like to make. :D