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This has been fixed!

More information here (scroll down to "Change Password form improvements":

Flags weren't supposed to notify the user whose work is being flagged - we fixed this bug, so now you won't get notified until an admin takes a look at it and confirms that it's a valid issue.

Hopefully this should help alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty involved in having your work flagged - as only valid issues will make it past the moderation team!

More info here:

We made some performance improvements to search results pages which should help alleviate some of the issues here. More details here:

Oh - yep, looks like it was fixed! Marking as resolved :) Thanks for the report!

This is sort of two features in one - "tag aliasing" (eg where one tag 'means' the same thing as another), and the ability to blacklist tags by rating (eg, only blacklist 'gay' if its rated mature or higher).

I can't find any topics on either by searching - so I'm going to leave this one in place to see what demand would be like for these two features.

Happy voting!

Whoops. That's a fairly criticial feature....

Bumping this to our development team, stat!


there's a similar idea thread, based around the idea of 'tagging' people on an image, here:

...which spawned out of the 'Collab Commissions' suggestion, which is marked as a duplicate of it (and involved some pretty heavy permissions handling to cover mutual submissions).

I'll leave this one separate for now to see if it goes in a productive direction!