Your comments There's already a planned feature for this, although I'm not certain if it'll cover artwork uploads aswell (it really should!)

Although it's also possible to create a folder and put the series there, then you can click on the next page below the pic in the little preview thumbnails - provided that they're uploaded in the correct order.

Another cool thing that would work with short comics is multi-page submissions like ArtStation does, there's a topic for that aswell:

I think there's already a forum post for this but I can't find it so thumbs up!

This would be even better if FN actually had a front page with news and these special promotions, maybe also community adverts because I've seen some wishing for those too.

The more I think about this feature the more useless it feels overall - not only cause it enables stalking but is there really a useful reason why people should see this type of notifications? I don't think so. So thumbs up to this!

I think the same area could easily be dedicated to display peoples promotions and social posts/discussions, with the other types of notifications removed they would have a good own visible area !

From a common sense perspective: You should coinsider keeping your gallery relevant to the theme of the site, because this is benefitical for you, such as only posting your most proud-of human art here so majority of your content is furry. This way you are likely to get happier and more followers and it also encourages others to keep with the theme.

From my personal perspective: I haven't found anything that says human art is not okay, so I think you're welcome to post it. However it'd be the nicest thing to tag human art as human because there are people (like me) who have the tag blacklisted because this is a furry site and I come here for furry.

Would be awesome to hear what admins / moderators think about this

I've posted some similar suggestions that would also improve this same issue:

Tho I don't like the dropdown notification how it is right now, it'd be much better if it showed the number of different new notifications like you suggested (atm I don't even use it because no way to tell how many new notifications and which are new)

The more I use the site now I realize how the old visible promotions were one of the most important things on the site to me D:

I agree on most things with this - navigation is rather unintuitive here. Although there's a few things that you missed:

1. the dark gradients are there because it helps display the white text which IS nessecary and useful - with proper coding a single gradient shouldn't take too much efficiency away (the thumbnails loaded super slow before the gradients were added too, so thumbnail loading slowness is surely caused by something else).

2. It's fairly normal and intuitive to have a dropdown menu from your name/icon button when it's on the top bar, I think it's good.

3. I think there should be an entirely own frontpage for FN when you click the logo, could easily have staff picks, news and other things like that there.

4. Add content + whats new button could easily fit next to yourname button on the right side of the panel, while still keeping the categories there.

This and what weremagnus said were the reason I was about to come here. The current zoom feature is useless because it doesn't function for what zoom is wanted for!

Same happened with 'posts' I'd really love to see them back on the whats new tab instead!


Make them more visible and distinguishable on the recent activity tab, such as promotions display pics and posts display the post.

Right now there is zero visibility for promotions and posts.