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I think thumbnails that vary by image dimensions look very ugly and unappealing. I rather have the square ones, it makes FN look really neat and enjoyable compared to other sites there are.

One thing a lot of people miss out is the ability to choose where your image crops - so that you can avoid automatic cropping from taking the head of the character, that feature should perhaps be highlighted better.

I agree with this post entirely! Markdown is inconvinient, requires so much useless escaping and is ultimately so difficult to memorize because it doesn't use any sensible patterns. BB-code and html are much better and they'd also be a huge help when copypasting already formatted text from elsewhere (such as from FA).

I'd really love to start writing better descriptions, posts, stories (well, tutorials in my case) on FN but I've been highly disencouraged by markdown. What most bothers me is forced lists, the use of * which needs to escape and restriction of one line break only (it makes text look badly formatted).

Links shoud automatically become clickable without having to separately use markdown for it, markdown is also difficult to remember it's painful like this!

I'd like the blocked tags to be visible as well, it gives a better idea of what a specific artist draws a lot if most of their stuff is blocked away.

This is because

  1. I block some tags because I dislike seeing but it doesn't nessecarily disgust me if it's drawn stylishly (such as by someone I follow) - for example I've blocked humans and ponies.
  2. Depending on the subjects some artists draw it may change my opinion whenever I want to follow them at all, because other people will only see me following them and then may assume I like the stuff I've blocked away - this makes me feel uneasy.

I enjoy this feature in DeviantArt, I think it would be really nice here too!

According to FNs AUP all fetish content (even if technically sfw) should be marked as mature/explict, so there wouldn't be a problem. Also I don't think 'gore' is the correct tag for an image with a normal papercut since it's a tag that directly implys excess blood and such, same as you wouldn't tag a normal dining picture as 'vore'.

I still think two of the same submission should be possible to 'link together' so they're gathering the same faves/promotes, so we can avoid the thingie where commissioners have to loudly scream 'please favorite the original!' thing that you commonly see on FA.

"add to collection" sounds okay for favorite too but ultimately I think things are good as they are now, a better solution would be a simple how-to-FN guide since there will always be slightly confusing things on a new site.

I can see this happening too, this needs to be fixed cause it can cause some confusion with people who use the same display names with eachother !

This happened to me a while back too, I had to first move the pic into unlisted so I could delete. Seems like a bug!