Limit the number of times someone can promote their own submissions

Jaxen Beaver 8 years ago updated by Acheroth 8 years ago 5

I've already come across instances where people are chain-promoting their own past submissions, clogging up my feed with dozens of pieces. I feel like there should be a limit to the number of times a person can promote their own submissions in a given day, or week, or whatever time period makes sense. That would keep things from getting spammy if someone decides to want to promote every submission in their gallery.

Either that, or disallow people from promoting their own submissions entirely. Promoting your own stuff seems to defeat the purpose of the Promote system, at least how I interpreted it; it seems like it was intended to give more visibility to artists' work you enjoy and want to share with your followers. If your followers are following you, they see your art already; why would you need to promote it too?


I'll +1 this for the hope that they disallow people from promoting their own submissions. That just becomes exceptionally spammy.


I'm pretty sure it's a bug that you can promote your own submissions, we reported about it with a bunch of friends early on and I think the response was that they'll fix it.

looking forward to seeing this fixed, then. can you provide a link?


I personally don't think self-promoting should be allowed - your followers see what you've submitted, if they chose to ignore it, they chose so for a reason! Plus, fairly certain promotions only show up in your feed, and nowhere else.

Self promoting/faving makes no sense. Its kind of an abuse of something which is established for somethign else.