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KAZOOPAMEEP! 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 8

Something really big that the fandom needs is somewhere to post events! Facebook stinks but seems to be the main thing people use other than just FA journals. It'd be quite hte implementation but it would really help people without access to facebook who want a better way of keeping up with events and finding furries around them, Better community features in general would help a lot as well such as actual groups to post events to and such. It's a lot of work but i think in the end it would greatly set this site apart and draw in a lot of people, along with helping furs expand and join their local community and maybe even just find a local community to begin with.


I really love this idea. It would be wonderful if Furry Network could really become a furry network, allowing not just the sharing of creative works, but encouraging and facilitating community by making it easy to coordinate and congregate.


I think this would be an awesome feature to combine with groups when they happen :o

Both for digital events and irl events!

Finnish furries also have a website dedicated for this, but its only for irl events (actual meetups). Sofurry has an announcer like event feature which works for big conventions and planned streams etc.

I agree on this one 100%!

I want to be able to plan my own events, and preferably with some sort of group support, so you can find groups of friends fast and easy :)

This is a great idea!


this is something I'd suggest as a forum board for when FN will actually have a normal and full-blown forums section. and while we're at it, why not make it viewable from the main site? you know, for added visibility.

My problem is currently Furry network isn't a furry network, it has almost no way to meet or even just talk to people. There are no wall posts, or any communication other than actuall PMs. It's more of a fancy commission site than a network of any kind. It really needs to up it on the social features in general if it wants people to join, as right now there's almost nothing to do socially on the site I personally think it feels dead

Would love something like this! Maybe events could range from site achievements . eg. "FurryNetwork has now reached 10k users!" to upcoming furry cons, announced guests of honour or reports of furries in the media. Maybe even form a partnership with FurryNewsNetwork? Have their twitter feed on the side of this site and allow users from here to scroll down the feed or something along those lines

Under review

This isn't a huge priority issue, but it's something we're going to consider. What I imagine would be best is for submitted events to be reviewed by a staff member before being approved for the community calendar; that way, we can verify that it's relevant and appropriate.