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Promotion Activity on news feeds no longer display artwork

Weremagnus 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 5

Just noticed since the most recent features update (just before or during BLFC) that Promote activity on any news feed is no longer accompanied by the corresponding art piece.

Image 78

Obviously it sort of neuters the point of promoting a piece of work if there's nothing visible to followers!


Same happened with 'posts' I'd really love to see them back on the whats new tab instead!


Make them more visible and distinguishable on the recent activity tab, such as promotions display pics and posts display the post.

Right now there is zero visibility for promotions and posts.


Same issue going on here, noticed it the other day. I also agree with neotheta! Promo's showing in the what's new page was great for me! Perfect way to find new artists!

The more I use the site now I realize how the old visible promotions were one of the most important things on the site to me D:

I noticed this too! I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, since it also happens with follower's banners and your own banner when you make status updates. Your own submissions seem to be fine, though.

This is kind of an issue since just a title isn't going to incite someone to go click and look at the art, especially as a title shows no way if the content is explicit or not which some people (like me!) aren't really interested in!

With this set up status posts also seem to get lost in the massive list , with the smaller text and everything it makes it more difficult to stand out, especially if someone wants to make some important news or notify their followers!

Under review

We've made some changes to the activity page to show a thumbnail of the promotion. However, we're also looking into having them be full size in the future.