Is it human art allowed?

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Hihi! The thing is that I'm dual artist, I draw furry but I draw also humans, tons of them. Specially miqo'tes (nekos). In FA I'm alright uploading it but here I have no idea. My gallery would be so empty with only my furry art XD

From a common sense perspective: You should coinsider keeping your gallery relevant to the theme of the site, because this is benefitical for you, such as only posting your most proud-of human art here so majority of your content is furry. This way you are likely to get happier and more followers and it also encourages others to keep with the theme.

From my personal perspective: I haven't found anything that says human art is not okay, so I think you're welcome to post it. However it'd be the nicest thing to tag human art as human because there are people (like me) who have the tag blacklisted because this is a furry site and I come here for furry.

Would be awesome to hear what admins / moderators think about this

I understand it =) Tho, the fact that people on FA don't mind me uploading human art and in fact love it aswell, is what made me feel confortable there. I'm starting at furry since a few months ago so for now, my art is like 20% furry 80% human. I would tag it indeed but if I only stick to furry then my gallery would be more likely empty and wouldn't be worth to keep on here. Which is sad cause for example the more I stay in FA the more chances I get to draw furry.

I'm a profesional artist and I just draw what I get hired to draw. Th6at means, to draw furry, I must be on furry sites aswell xD But if my gallery is empty then I have no chances to do so =P There I make furry YCHs and such so I get more chances to do so º3º


There are no rules written against posting Human art as far as I saw, and I looked over everything as best I could when I came on here for that actually. Humans are just a species of animals after all. I think it's very limiting to only be allowed to post a very specific type of art. It also gets really boring seeing only the same kind of stuff. It also seems uninviting for an art site for a certain species to be not be allowed to be drawn. (Especially when most of the artists draw almost human bodies on everything anyways, the only difference being heads and how hairy they are.) I certainly couldn't feel very comfortable here if human art wasn't allowed. I actually like finding human artists on fur sites. They're usually quite good quality artists on fur sites is the reason I look for them there.

Furry It's just the theme of interest. My gallery would be cut by like 1/2 if Humans weren't allowed, and a lot of good work wouldn't be able to be showcased.

@Neotheta's mention of a blacklist, Yeah, there's a blacklist for the reason of people who don't want to view a certain something. I'd say there's no problem then.

Waaa Thank you so much for yor reply! And Indeed I completely agree with your point of view =) Then I'll start sumbit my art without hesitation, always using the correct tags ofc =)

Thank you! <3

I think Nekos are fine, as well as a commission containing both a human and a feral or anthropomorphic creature. Straight up human on human NSFW content would seem out of place though, unless it's part of a submission involving transformation,

That's just my personal opinion.


Hi there!

Pretty simple here:

Human or any other humanoid art is indeed allowed (So are feral creatures).

There are no real restrictions in this direction on Furry Network. :)