Content Warning entries in the feed should list why it is marked as such

Thedrass 8 years ago updated by Neotheta 8 years ago 7

When scrolling through the feed when a user has blacklist tags, entries appear that say `CONTENT WARNING`.

It would be great if these entries could list the tags that lead to this warning.

But why? If you blacklist something, you don't want to see it. What does it matter what sort of content it is?


Because it could be improperly tagged, or be combined with other tags that change the context to something the viewer doesn't mind seeing.

So basically you want to peek through the key hole of a door you've closed to lock out something you don't want to see, to make sure it's not actually something you might like after all?

Don't get me wrong, I can see the curiosity a "Content Warning" entry might cause, but to me it seems a bit pointless to first block something only to then bring it back up. Anyways, this looks like a topic one could argue about a lot, so I'll just say: Since this feature (if it were to be implemented) wouldn't affect my own experience, or the one of any other users who don't actually wish to use this tool, while browsing the site, I could cope with it, so I'll upvote this idea.


Basically. It comes down to the history of improper tagging that is spread across the various site. Some people tag things with often-blocked subjects "just in case", even when said subject isn't actually in the picture, like "gore" in a picture where someone has a simple cut. Others prefer to only see certain subject under specific circumstances, such as someone who enjoys diapers with certain tags, but those tags may point to other content that they don't want to see.

Okay, I guess I understand your argument to some point. Looks like this feature might have some use after all. Thanks for your input!

I would like to see a list of blocked tags in the "Whats New" feed showing me why something is blocked. I was just about to come suggest that. I've seen some things improperly tagged too myself and suggested new tags on them. YCH for example.

I'd like the blocked tags to be visible as well, it gives a better idea of what a specific artist draws a lot if most of their stuff is blocked away.

This is because

  1. I block some tags because I dislike seeing but it doesn't nessecarily disgust me if it's drawn stylishly (such as by someone I follow) - for example I've blocked humans and ponies.
  2. Depending on the subjects some artists draw it may change my opinion whenever I want to follow them at all, because other people will only see me following them and then may assume I like the stuff I've blocked away - this makes me feel uneasy.