Posting Queue / Automatic Publishing of submissions

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Would love to see something like a posting queue similar to tumblr. The ability to set up a time at which for a post to be published. That way people would be able to set up their art to post at regular intervals to keep fan interest as well as not flooding their gallery with a bunch of stuff all at once (unless desired) .

Something along the lines of being able to upload it to your drafts and then set a time/date at which it would move into your public gallery.

Hope that makes sense haha.

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This is quite handy when you have a bunch of drawings to upload - so you don't spam your followers. DA has a feature like this, although I'd like a much easier version of it if something like this were to be implimented. Such as simply choose how many hours apart submissions are to be published.

yeah I would love something like that.

Very useful idea!

I'd also go for a feature that lets you chose in an hourly interval, since internationally different time zones and time/date display standards become easily confusing.

Yeah I'd love some way to post them on a timer :)


For the people who are able to create content well ahead of time, and want to set it to post on an automatic drip, this seems really useful. I believe you can do the same thing on youtube? Having a field per submission in management where you can set a date/time (local time preferably!) that a submission will automatically publish itself.

This would be fantastic for me, for publishing comics, getting 2 pages out a day.


You can put stuff up to YT so that it's unlisted, in advance of posting dates, then just flip the public flag from the app/site. It's not quite automatic drip, but it allows you to mass post and drip it out as you see fit.


Seems a great idea for series pieces and comics and such.

As I do mostly comics (as do many other artists too) this would be super useful :3 and its true the draft/public tags let you do this in a way but still automatic uploads at scheduled times would be handy for when an artist is away for a while to keep things flowing :3


There's also the 'Unlisted' option here. Perhaps they could integrate a timer option into that. So you could mass upload into Draft, then add titles/tags/folders/descriptions and move them into Unlisted with a countdown timer before they automatically move into Public.


This would be particularly helpful for folks migrating a large gallery manually - I'd love to just trickle in 5 pieces a day spaced out like I can with tumblr!

Also just being able to schedule posts for a future date (for commission/stream announcements, etc) is one of the MAIN reasons i left FA for twitter & tumblr. If this site were to incorporate that... man. You'd have some serious allegiance from me at least! I would like to think other users would like these kinds of features too :)


Honestly this is a feature I wish all the art websites have. I often work late at night, finishing things at 3am range, which is not exactly the most active times. I'd love to be able to schedule posts to upload at a more reasonable time, so I dont have to worry about forgetting what I had to say when I go to sleep, or have to make a text file with tags and such. It'd be insanely good, especially if you wanted to make a backlog of pictures for vacation and then upload day by day like youtube has it. This type of curation would not only be helpful to artists, but viewers as well, as they dont have to worry then about possibly being spammed and unable to give feedback to it all.

Definitley has my vote.

I enjoy this feature in DeviantArt, I think it would be really nice here too!

This is a great idea! I can see it being helpful for making sure chapters of a story/comic are uploaded on a consistent basis, even if the writer/artist is busy with something else that would pull them away from the site for a few days.