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Links in image descriptions don't work

thewolfpup 8 years ago updated by Rykomi (Support Admin) 8 years ago 5

I have a link in my image description, but it's not clickable. Am I doing something wrong?

Ref: https://beta.furrynetwork.com/submissions/artwork/public/628557/

Putting text in the description field is just text. It doesn't automatically parse text as links, you have to specify with Markdown, it's a lesser known formatting language compared to BBCode. The format for a URL is square brackets for the clickable text and curly braces for the actual link. [Visit Google](http://www.google.com)

Angle brackets are enough: <http://example.com>.

Links shoud automatically become clickable without having to separately use markdown for it, markdown is also difficult to remember it's painful like this!

Not a bug


You may use above mentioned brackets:


You may also use words to replace the link: