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This is a good idea - though what page(s) would it actually be implemented on? Right now the little alarm bell icon highlights when there are new notifications, but the items in the list don't show a highlight when new. Am I right in understanding this is what you're suggesting?

In addition, what pages would this show up on ? Just the little dropdown, or would it be on the 'show all' page as well / instead?

This is a good optimization! It'll get rid of a lot of suspicious "black boxes" and "CONTENT BLOCKED" in my feed when viewing the site under SFW mode.

We'll probably put this one off until after launch - but it's a good optimization to do!

A "Grid View" for the What's New feed is something we have been hearing suggested and received feedback for pretty much since the project started - and we think that having a grid view is something that we should definitely add!

We're working on designing this internally (because of course, this is likely to be the primary way users interact with the site) and want to get it right.

Depending on the design and implementation work required (not to mention the polish to get it working to the same standard as the rest of the feed page), this feature might take a little while to get finished up - but we'll have it in before launch. :D


We like this feature, and it has a surprisingly wide base of support. Bravo!

We have a few technical issues we'll need to deal with on our end (for example, resizing animated GIFs, as user icons are different sizes on each page), and as a result we're going to hold off on this one until after launch.

Unless it gets a ton more votes, of course :D

This is a great suggestion and it'll be in our next release!

This is something we're going to be implementing for launch - probably as a drag-and-drop system when managing submissions. This will solve a wide variety of issues including importing images out of order, and missing submissions during import (that get fixed on the second run, but are in the wrong place).

Another extension idea to consider (probably deserves its own suggestion thread) is to add the ability to 'feature' submissions of yours, which makes them float to the top of your gallery list wherever it is displayed as some of your 'best work'.

This is something we are planning to add in time for launch! We'll probably do it as some navigation options that show up above "Other artwork by [username]" on the sidebar of the image.

Good catch on this!

Hey everyone,

We're not sure how this feature would be useful in the context of Furry Network, and we want to get more information as to how everyone intends to use it, so we can incorporate it sensibly into the broader site design.

Furry Network is a little different from other sites; I know that "Shouts" are a feature that originally started on Deviant Art, and have kind of been around for a long time on a bunch of different sites.

What purpose do shouts serve, and what do you want to use them for?


We've discussed this internally and think that offering real pagination is something probably best left until after launch. Instead, we're considering performance and usability improvements (eg, when you hit 'back', it goes to where you were at) to make the existing functionality more useful and usable for now.

Obviously if we get more votes for this and it floats to the top of our feature list, we'll consider bumping it up some more!