Ability to reorder artwork / submissions

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Currently there's no way to reorder artwork or submissions in your gallery - say, if the importer pulls stuff in out of order. It'd be really handy if there was a way to rearrange them.



We've implemented a solution where imported artwork shows up in drafts, and will be published in the order you set them as 'Public'.

Thus, if you go through your drafts after import and mark them 'public' in order of oldest to newest, that's the exact order they'll show up in your gallery.

This is our first 'try' at solving the reordering problem - if you don't think it's sufficient, we are open to suggestions for how we could improve it so it *is* sufficient!

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It'd be preferable to having to manually delete everything so your new stuff wasn't halfway down a list of bad sketches from three years ago.

I love love this idea. My import pulled my submissions in with a very funky order for my daily Drawlloween stuff from October, so all the numbering is way out of whack.

I absolutely agree to this idea. I'm very peculiar about having all my commissioned stuff uploaded in the order at which I acquired it, which the importer was mostly good at doing save for a couple of things. I feel bad for those that have more than double the amount of submissions I do because of it.


This is something we're going to be implementing for launch - probably as a drag-and-drop system when managing submissions. This will solve a wide variety of issues including importing images out of order, and missing submissions during import (that get fixed on the second run, but are in the wrong place).

Another extension idea to consider (probably deserves its own suggestion thread) is to add the ability to 'feature' submissions of yours, which makes them float to the top of your gallery list wherever it is displayed as some of your 'best work'.

I'd love to see this as well. I'm very happy with the importing system currently, and my only minor point to make was that my submissions were ordered incorrectly. No big deal but if you have 2 part pictures it helps. Also love the featured submissions idea! ^.=.^


We've implemented a solution where imported artwork shows up in drafts, and will be published in the order you set them as 'Public'.

Thus, if you go through your drafts after import and mark them 'public' in order of oldest to newest, that's the exact order they'll show up in your gallery.

This is our first 'try' at solving the reordering problem - if you don't think it's sufficient, we are open to suggestions for how we could improve it so it *is* sufficient!


I was personally hoping for something where you could move around existing submissions - mainly because a lot of my submissions did NOT upload in order to FN, so I'd like to put them in the order they were uploaded on my FA. That, and, editing the order in a folder (say, should you completely re-do a comic page but would still like to keep the previous version) would be ideal.

Additional note, a paging system would make this easier. It is painful to have to 'infinite-scroll' down to the bottom of 500ish submissions in draft to start correcting text for the ones that you are going to want to publish first. ^v^

Ok, I guess it is technically working, but not quite in the fashion I had imagined. I take it when looking at someones gallery it actually shows them in order from oldest to newest rather than the reverse? Which means that if you wanted to see new things in their gallery you'd have to "infinite-scroll" all the way to the end of their gallery?

Actually, nope, doesn't seem to be working yet, despite being marked as completed ^v^


I want to bring this back to light, because I don't feel the solution is what people were asking for. My gallery is still a complete mess and I have no way to fix it!


Would love to drag and drop

Yeah, unfortunately I was not aware of the Draft order upload feature, and now things are out of whack. Would be very beneficial to just maneuver things into the correct order

I'd REALLY enjoy being able to order my gallery too.

For one, the importer tool seemed to skip a few of my older work so I've had to upload them after, which now has them at the front of my gallery when they are older work. That's going to drive me nuts.

Secondly, I'd also like to occasionally tweak the order for when I do sets that might get interrupted by other work... it'd satisfy my OCD to be able to group sets near each other.

Please make this feature~


FN has said that the current solution to this issue is to place all artwork in drafts, and then publicly publish them in the order you want them displayed in your gallery, but I would still like to see better functionality implemented for reordering submissions, Drag and drop would be fantastic!

This doesn't work, imo.

hi, drag and drop could be a major improvement. i published all my artwork and realized that the order was completely messed up, and getting all my gallery back to drafts and then re-publish it in the right order, was basically useless. the submissions got published back as they were before.

This didn't work, the "solution" mentioned by Varka. When I uploaded everything one by one into drafts, then tagged everything, then clicked "make public" on all of them, it one by one made them public in what appeared to be the proper order, however it mixed them up in the folder;


I can't figure out how to fix it either. When I go back and look at them in the public section of my manage photos, it shows them in proper order, but the folder scrambles them.

This is still a big, big deal in why I am discouraged from using FN. I tried moving everything to drafts and back again, in chunks, and it still fucks up the whole order of my gallery showing the old shitty stuff first. I've tried using the profile section for displaying recent stuff but it either doesn't show up at all or if it does it's still showing old stuff (despite picking 'recent' option). I recommend a user interface where there's a list of piece titles with arrow controls to move pieces up and down. If you want to get fancy, it could be drag and drop of thumbnails (not tiles-- too big if you have a lot of submissions). Another way around it would be to provide "date created" field and make it an option to sort by that. Get it fixed and I'll be on here a lot more.

This is still rather troublesome... I was hoping moving my gallery back to drafts and then setting them to public in proper order would work, but submissions just re-appear in the original order. I also found when publishing all from drafts after import somehow appended the everything to the bottom of my gallery and the import before that published everything in reverse order, so my gallery is a bit of a mess atm with nothing to be done about it.

Yeah, someone told me that this was fixed and while there are a few other improvements, I still don't see anything changed about this one and it's the main reason I won't use FN. It's just not representing my work well.

There have been some improvements. The biggest problem was when images were made public at the same time; the images would appear in seemingly random orders. For now, making images public for the first time one at a time is the best way to get them to be in the order you want.

However, I do agree it would be helpful to have some organization function; even if the main upload gallery can't be organized, doing that in folders may be enough, especially for people making longer comics that have multiple images. We are still in beta, and this is something I will discuss with the dev team.

I went through the painful process of removing images and reuploading and reposting them one at a time. Same problem-- just would not show in the order I wanted.

This is not sufficient. While it is certainly helpful at the time of first publishing a piece, this does not allow users to re-organize their gallery or folders after images are first published. I appreciate the option other sites have to re-organize some or all of my galleries, whether limited to folders/collections/pools or in general, and I would appreciate a proper solution to this.


Apologies for my shortness earlier, but it should be as simple (and I know things rarely are so simple) as having a sort number assigned to each submission, rather than an upload date (sort in management is in upload order) and a published date as the only options for sorting. On the database end, it really should be as simple as one field for gallery sorting (it may require more thought to allow sorting of folders, however)

As noted by Vas and Difetra above, the "publish all drafts" option is buggy and appends everything to the end of the gallery, rather than the start as a standard Publish option does.

So let's start a proposal here!

  1. Users should be able to organize their gallery as they wish, and they should be able to do so at any time.
  2. This should be implemented in such a way as to minimize the impact on the current database, while also retaining the current sort data for existing submissions until their users change them.
  3. Add a new table that links each submission and folder (allowing different sort orders per folder) and adds a new field for the sort order to each submission+folder combination.
    1. The sort order field is basically invisible to the user. It is manipulated entirely by a UI that manages the value behind the scenes, but basically, the lower values represent older submissions, sorting them later in the view.
    2. The UI that manipulates sort order is added to submission management. Near the top of each submission are two new buttons: "Move Up" and "Move Down" which will flip the sort order value for the current entry and the one adjacent to it in the listed direction. Either of these buttons may be greyed out if there is no submission in the relevant direction.
    3. Optionally: Add "Move to Top" and "Move to Bottom" which will regenerate the entire folder's sort order with the submission in the desired position.
    4. Desirable: Include functionality to "Reverse Order" and "Move in Order" (which should be a default) for multiple submission selections.
      1. Reverse Order will take only the sort numbers selected in an array sorted ascending, and will reverse that array. Thus {5,6,21} would become {21,6,5}
      2. Move in Order will preserve the order (ascending) of the selection while placing them all together and in order relative to the lowest sort order value: {5,6,21} would Move In Order "Down" to {4,5,6}
      3. Desirable: Move Relative would do the same but maintaining the offset between the pictures {5,6,21} would Move Relative "Up" to {6,7,22}
    5. The new table is automatically filled with the current sort data based on the datetime when the image was first published.

This approach ensures that each folder can have its own sort, distinct from the sorting of the gallery as a whole, it minimizes the impact on the database structure by minimizing the necessary additions, and it makes the experience relatively intuitive and transparent to the user. The only thing more desirable would be allowing drag-and-drop sorting of thumbnails instead of a button-based interface on each submission...

Nice, thorough description of how to address the problem. I think Drag and Drop should be doable considering the UI already seems to have the built in, just not being utilized. As you said, though, nothing is ever as simple as it seems it should be. All that said, man, this has been moldering for years now with zero response so I'm not expecting anything to come of it.

Drag and drop, arrows to click, or even an index number associated with each art piece would really nice and helpful. Having the order depend on the date artwork was first made public takes a away the ability to reorder them entirely :(