Format the description box differently

Cocoro 8 years ago updated by Mari 8 years ago 3

I think the description box looks a little crowded--my eyes skip over the title of the piece and the description of it, and what I see first are the tags and community tags. Maybe if the tags were a smaller font size, or the description font size enlarged? Or more space between those sections.

This right here. Everything on the right side feels so darned cluttered and confusing at times that I expect to scroll down to see comments and the page doesn't move. Comments really don't belong in the same box as submission description, or if it stays there, move it under the "Other Artwork by USERNAME" section so that all artist related things are together and not scattered.


FN could take inspiration from Artstation in the case of description box, since the layout of artwork page is near identical otherwise but Artstation's description box and comments look clean and non-cluttered, with an exception of the annoying ad if you're not using adblock of course.



I think the key here is spacing and arranging the different elements correctly. Most wanted elements need to be at top (action buttons, description, comments) and the less viewed things at bottom (promoters, tags, collections).

The display of collections could also be merged with the 'other artowork by...' part, with nothing suggested when artwork is not in a collection and if they are the title would be 'other artwork in x collection' instead. This could save a lot of space. We are also already getting a minigallery of what to look at next below the artwork itself so a second one is a bit unnessecary (eventhough they function differently). Instead of the minigallery for artists works there could simply be a link directly to artists gallery.


I'm glad someone else posted about this because I also have an issue with the description box.

The typography on it is pretty bad. The meta-data is too large; Tags should probably be around 12px and possibly a different colour. They attract too much attention.

The title of the submission is easy to over look. I like me some light header fonts but you need to use a larger size like (try 2.0 rem or around there) and a lighter colour.