Improve inbox / your home / side panel

Neotheta 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 1

As the new features come in, the inbox has turned into a cluttered and confusing page that makes no sense anymore. The page needs to be improved so that everything is easy to find, mainly separating new content and other tools from eachother.

Suggestion for new arrangement of items in sidepanel/home/inbox

What's new (replacing 'my home' title)

  • New Submissions (contains: artwork, crafts, photos, stories and multimedia)
  • New Activity (contains: posts, journals, announcements, promotions)
  • New Social (contains: commented on, watched person and other stuff that nobody actually looks at except stalkers)
  • Notification center (contains: comments, promotes, watches, mentions and favorites)
  • Messages (seriously, new messages belong next to notifications!)
  • Commissions (this is also a tab that actively updates with messages isn't it, although it could also fit into 'My stuff')

My stuff

  • Manage submissions
  • Edit your profile
  • Account Settings
  • Import data
  • Favorites (they could also be on the top of this list)

Furry Network

  • Tickets
  • About FN
  • Rules / Policies


  1. New Activity: Journals should be grouped together with other somewhat similar activity updates (posts, announcements). Along with promotions so that there is actually a place for them to be visible at.
  2. New social: I only put this here so you can see I grouped the useless stalkery things most people dislike in one place (x commented on y, x watched y). I personally think these activity notifications should be entirely removed.
  3. Additionally on desktop view, I think all of the pages under "whats new" and "my stuff" should be adjusted so that they're viewable with the sidepanel still there - maintaining consistensy makes navigation a lot more clear.
  4. The headlines and titles I used are only examples, the greater point is that elements are grouped together logically so that they're easy to find quickly - better suggestions for names of titles are welcome from people who are better at them :o