Error 500

Kit Ulf 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 4

About half the pictures I have in my gallery and some galleries of the people I watch are unable to be brought up. I get a screen with a message that says:


An Unexpected Error Has Occurred?

Any clue as to what this is and/or how to deal with this?

Hi, I also have the same problem.

I tried everything, clear cookies, reboot my internet box, ect but nothing works.

I also get 500, but sometimes.

If I refreshing the side/artwork, it works.

Currently getting this in all submissions I'm trying to view, started happening when I was suddenly logged out of FN and came back not. Approx after 15:50 today. I've never had this issue before this.


This issue is not happening now and should be resolved.