Make Status Posts Stand Out!

Ruck 8 years ago updated by socksthefox 8 years ago 3

With the new format of the activity feed on our profiles, I feel like status posts sort of get lost in the long lists of "promote promote watch promote" With the small text and similar sort of box, it's pretty easy to lose!

I think maybe a header image similar to before, or much larger text could be nicer. If someone visits another's profile, they will quickly see if there's an announcement or an auction reminder or some important news regarding the artist, whatever they had written.

Agreed, I have to go into the activity history and scroll through that mess that lumps posts with when an artist I follow, follows someone else or uploads art. >_< Makes it difficult to maintain the discussion aspect.

I think posts should be in whats new page, not among the stuff where it tells you someone commented on something or watched someone. Same with promotes, they no longer do anything because nobody sees what you promoted.

I think they should put posts back in the "what's new" section until they get journals up and running. Or just put posts under the Journals heading because let's be honest that's what they are.