promoting is 'underpowered' and needs more impact

BagelCollector 8 years ago updated by Neotheta 8 years ago 2

The way I see it, promoting is supposed to be what "favoriting" on other art sites is supposed to do (make it public that you liked something). But it doesn't even do that to the fullest extent. The "promoted" blip on a user's page blends in and otherwise gets lost behind all the other blips on that user's feed. If I were to go to a person's page, I shouldn't have to guess the content of the work they were promoting and feel they should include thumbails of said promoted work in the feed to make it easier for people to discover new art.

As a site that wishes to make content consumption it's main goal, the way to access new art should be effortless. The site is already halfway there with the "promotion" concept but it falls short on the principle of exposing people to new content.

I'm with you. The thing I loved about FurryNetwork when I came here was that promotes went into the whats new feed, where everyone would see what you promoted as well as what you published yourself - they also showed a preview on the activity feed to make sure the promotion was kept visible.

It was really dissapointing to see them take these wonderful features away that really made this site special at first.