Circles and Sharing with specific people

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This is an idea coming from Google Plus, though I never really used it (G+ that is).

Seems Quite intuitive though:

When posting a submission, it would be amazing for the person submitting it, to promote and/or change visibility to specific groups/users. This goes hand in hand with the already suggested "group" feature.

For instance, this could work the following way: Patrons on Patreon can see pictures first (delayed publication might also be an option here, for instance to support regular comic page releases), friends can see submissions first, long term/recurring commissioners see content first, etc. Or Commission can only be seen by friends because it is personal, etc. There are a lot of different scenarios to utilize such a feature.


Live Journal was a core part of my artistic platform in late Highschool/College. I really LOVED how they let me sort followers into circles/feeds, take a look at how LJ handled groups, I think more art sites need to break down how LJ did it..artists held on to that site for AGES past it's prime due to how well they let us filter watchers with our posting content.

Give me as a content creator/artist the power to sort my followers into varied feeds.

Yeah content filtering to specific user-defined friend/follower groups would be huge. I don't want everything I post to be publicly visible.

I actually misread your comment for "comment filtering".

In fact that would work too. Allow only certain people to comment. Or allow certain people not to comment (personal ban/block system which is also something we could use knowing how weird furries can be)

I didn't read this through properly before posting a similar suggestion. I added a comment there referring back to this one. Here is what I wrote in the suggestion I submitted:

I can't help noticing that the Unlisted option when submitting a piece of art is a little useless. It's about the same as a Draft because once something is unlisted it cannot be accessed outside of the submission management areas of a user's account. I'm assuming from the name of that feature, Unlisted, that the idea is to have a link that you can use to share unlisted works with people of your choosing without allowing those works to be publicly visible.

If that's the case, how about a "Privacy" feature instead? Rather than a whole section of work that is identical in function to the Drafts, allow users to choose between uploading their submissions privately, only for their own eyes; or only allowing users with a link to the submission to view it; or only showing the submission to non-followers, etc.

The delayed publication thing is very interesting!


There's a tradeoff between ease of use and power/control in these kinds of features. Some of the use cases are pretty compelling though!

Delayed publication is something we discussed briefly in the Patreon-style Subscription / Integration thread, located here: http://support.furrynetwork.com/topic/1149931-patreon-integration/#

Of course, there are other uses for delayed publication - and it could certainly be very handy for sharing your newest works with those you trust most, before others get to see them.

The second aspect of this is more around Privacy, as Twelve points out. We have three statuses for submissions - Draft (unfinished / still needs to be messed with), Unlisted (currently only accessible if you give someone the link) and Public (anyone can see it). Maybe providing a way to provide some visibility to those unlisted submissions would work well - say, to 'people I follow only', or 'specific people', or (if/when we implement groups), "this group of people". This could maybe be rolled in with a bunch of other privacy features, for example ability to set your profile as only visible to logged-in users, ability to block users from viewing/messaging you, and so on.

The third aspect is 'real groups' - where you assign users to a group, and then assign group permissions from your gallery to them. The problem with this is it very quickly approaches Facebook levels of permission complexity - and that's something we'd like to avoid. Perhaps if it were instead implemented as a "friends" feature, where you can assign certain people as "friends" to see unlisted submissions, that'd work well. Combined with multiple character profiles, it should be a little simpler to keep content you'd prefer private to just a little group of trusted friends.

I'll keep an eye on this and see how things develop.

Varka, is there currently a way to get a link for an unlisted submission? I have not seen one, but your response suggests that there's one there. I likely just haven't been looking in the right place.


Yep - just click the little 'link' icon at the top of the image on the Manage Artwork page:

For a friends feature it would be cool if it was personalizable, as in add a little message to the request. For example:

User xy has sent you a friend request and says, "Hey, we've known each other for a long time, would be cool to be friends!"


User xy has not accepted you friend request and says, "Sorry, but I don't know you at all. If you want to be friends with me, get to know me first."


I think this would be a great feature with actual groups.

Have a drawing at unlisted > submit it to a group > it becomes visible for group members.

But friends feature, I always found them somewhat overwhelming. Lots of strange people will send me friend invites and then some get angry if I decline because they see the word 'friends' differently. Or sometimes I'm not sure if I should add someone to 'friends', it's kinda awkward? So I tend to neglect the feature entirely everywhere it is :s