being able to search a tag for all submissions within a catagory besides popular and feash

Zurggy 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 4

Hoping to see something added to see all the postings with a tag search on the furry network website. being limited to just popular and fresh hurts finding submissions that don't fit in the current choices.

I think 'fresh' is just another word for 'sort all by date', and displays all of the submissions featuring that tag in order from newest to oldest. But other sorting options would be handy, like sort by submission title or sort by artist.

I think Astolpho is right, I still personally don't like that. i get It needs to be "trendy" but cant it just say "All"

Sorting should be done with a separate option anyway. what if i prefer alphabetical?, or want the oldest one first?

Button for detailed search somewhere? Where you could also search by what's in title or description. And arrange search results either by popular, date, alphabet, maybe even most relevant for search somehow?


We've included searching by tags, and we're looking at ways to improve this search function; we'll likely have some tweaks through the upcoming months!